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Welcome to Tefl Barcelona

We provide first class teacher training in one of Europe's most vibrant and popular cities. Tefl Barcelona currently works in conjunction with Tefl International Barcelona. Based in The Mediterrani School of Tourism of the University of Girona located near the centre of Barcelona, we offer a friendly, dynamic and professional environment in which to obtain your TEFL qualification.

We are not a TEFL "production line". At TEFL Barcelona we are committed to our students, providing quality TEFL job guidance for Spain and abroad  during the course, and giving ongoing career support for as long as it is needed.

For a quick overview, take a look at our student video (right):

Our TEFL / TESOL course.

Our course is designed entirely around our students; we keep class sizes small so that tuition is as personal as possible and all students receive as much help and assistance as they might need. Students are encouraged to adopt their own style of TEFL teaching and are given ample class time during the course in which to practice and develop.

The course is internationally validated and externally moderated by Fort Hays State University.

In addition, the course is also externally moderated on a monthly basis by TEFL International's BOAA ( Board of Academic Advisers). Our aim is always to be ahead in terms of teaching quality and personal attention.

For an overview of the course, please see our TEFL course information page, and for a more detailed breakdown of subjects/hours, see our section on the TEFL course programme.


We are happy to arrange accommodation in Barcelona for our TEFL trainees. Our accommodation page has a list of the different options available.


Please use our online application form.

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all about the course or just about TEFL / TESOL in general, please feel free to contact us. We promise to reply speedily!

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