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4 week TEFL course dates 2018

  • 02 July  – 27 July
  • 30 July  – 24 August
  • 27 August –  22 September
  • 15 October  – 09 November *
  • 19 November  – 14 December *

* NB: The courses marked with an asterisk will take place at our Sagrada Familia location.

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TEFL Course Prices 2018

Special Summer Offer

150 € discount on all 2018 courses until 30 June. 

  • Total course fees: 1400 €  (370 € deposit to be paid in advance and  1030 € balance due at the start of the course) Now 1250 € with the special offer discount.

Trinity CertTESOL course dates 2018

  • 4 June – 29 June
  • 2 July  – 27 July
  • 30 July  – 24 August
  • 27 August  -21 September
  • 24 September -19 October
  • 22 October- 16 November
  • 19 November – 14 December
Total course fees:  1550  (1400  with the special offer discount)

TEFL Application Process

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If you have any questions about our courses, student visas, accommodation, or teaching in Barcelona, Spain or worldwide, please use the form below to contact your TEFL adviser.

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