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The TEFL Barcelona careers service

At TEFL Barcelona we provide a personalised job guidance service aimed at getting our graduates into the best teaching jobs in Barcelona, Spain or anywhere else in the world.

Our careers service gets to work before our trainees even arrive, while we continue to offer help and advice to graduates long after they have left us. And we support you in all aspects of getting a job (keep reading for details).

Our Job Guidance Service

Our Job Guidance Service has two components: one aimed at future trainees and current students, during their teaching training courses. The second component of our career services is aimed at our graduates, which supports them in finding teaching positions and job opportunities for as long as they need our help.

As everywhere else in our work for our students, we rely on the many years of experience of our resident TEFL / TESOL expert, Erwin Ebens. Feel free, at any point, to get in touch with him, would you have any questions related to your TEFL certificate studies in Barcelona, or with your teaching job search in Spain and abroad.

During your TEFL course

During the course you are equipped with the tools you need to successfully search for, and obtain, jobs in your destination of choice.

Since many graduates choose to stay in Spain, TEFL Barcelona focuses on the job-search techniques that are specific to this country. However, many of the skills and suggestions can be applied to worldwide job searching.

Our job guidance sessions cover:

  • How to look for jobs in a competitive job market.
  • Individual CV / résumé editing.
  • List of over 200 language schools and agencies in Barcelona.
  • Information on how to obtain work-related documents (TEFL teaching in Spain)
  • Interviewing skills and commonly-asked interview questions.
  • A breakdown of the types of TEFL work in Spain and Europe and what to expect with each type.
  • How to market yourself successfully.
  • Cultural awareness & professional development.
  • Trouble-shooting for problematic work situations.


We’ll have a session covering each aspect of interviewing.You will be given appropriate sample interview questions to practice with, techniques to help with tricky questions, and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of interviewing with language schools.

One to One Sessions 

During the course you will be scheduled for a personalized one to one session with one of the job guidance counselors.This will give us the chance to analyze your individual needs and address in greater detail any special concerns or interests you may have.

After your TEFL course

We believe that our obligations to you shouldn’t stop just because you have finished your TEFL course. We will keep you updated on job vacancies in our network of schools, which includes over 120 different language schools in Barcelona and our network extends to MadridParis and Prague to name a few cities. We have recently become part of the Worldwide TEFL Training network, which connects courses in Toulouse, Madrid and Barcelona.

Our on-going (and free!) careers support also features:

  • Access to the Barcelona TEFL Teachers Association networking group
  • Connection to language schools and companies worldwide
  • Written references for overseas applications
  • Experience and advice from our graduate network around the globe


Employer testimonials

Carmen Cidoncha, Head of Studies - BCN Languages

“As a Head of Studies at BCN Languages, I would like to state that TEFL Barcelona graduates show a great level of skill and professionalism.

In fact, TEFL Barcelona provides our School with a reliable source of new and qualified teachers: not only for their ability to be versatile in preparation but for their well-planned and intentional methods of teaching.” 

Jodie Sclare - GetEnglish

“I have been working with TEFL Barcelona for some time now and often employ recently qualified trainees from their TEFL programme.

I have found their trainees to be reliable, enthusiastic and well prepared for the teaching positions I have to offer.

Deborah G. Watson Flindall - Complementos SL

“I would say that a very high percentage of the candidates from TEFL Barcelona came over very well in the interviews.

In general, your graduates do compare well with those of other courses, and for us, this is a guarantee of professional training. You’re doing a fine job!

Do you have any questions about our Intensive teacher training courses? Drop us a line through the form below!

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