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Discover English Teaching Jobs in Barcelona – With Our TEFL Career Support Service

At TEFL Barcelona, we provide personalised job guidance aimed at getting our graduates into the best English teaching jobs in Barcelona, Spain or anywhere else in the world.

Our TEFL teaching careers service gets to work before you even arrive in Barcelona, while we continue to offer help and advice to graduates long after they have left us.

We will support you in all aspects of finding and securing your dream English teaching job in Barcelona. We can also help you develop your own private English teaching classes in Barcelona, and even guide you on getting online English teaching classes that you can offer from Barcelona or anywhere else in the world.

Wherever you’re from and whatever level of professional work experience you possess, we will be here for you to make you English teaching career the best it can be.

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Our Barcelona English Teaching Career Guidance Service

Our Barcelona TEFL Job Guidance Service has two components: one aimed at future trainees and current students, during their teaching training courses. The second component of our career services is aimed at our graduates, which supports them in finding English teaching positions and job opportunities in Barcelona and beyond for as long as needed.

We rely on the many years of experience of our TEFL / TESOL experts, who have close ties and relationships with some of the best English language academies, agencies, and international schools in Barcelona.

Feel free, at any point, to get in touch with your TEFL Adviser, should you have any questions related to your TEFL certificate studies in Barcelona, or with your teaching job search in Spain and abroad.

Applying to English Teacher Vacancies During Your TEFL Course in Barcelona

During your TEFL course you will be equipped with the tools you need to successfully search for and obtain English teaching jobs in Barcelona or your destination of choice.

Since many of our graduates choose to stay in Barcelona, Spain, TEFL Barcelona focuses on the job-search techniques that are specific to this city and country. However, many of the skills and suggestions can be applied when applying for worldwide English teaching jobs.

In short, if you earn your TEFL qualification with TEFL Barcelona, you will gain all the essential teaching skills and relevant industry knowledge to apply for TEFL jobs anywhere in the world.

At TEFL Barcelona, TESOL teacher training includes six to eight hours of practice with real Spanish speaking students

Our Barcelona TEFL job guidance sessions cover:

  • How to find and secure teaching jobs in Barcelona and other competitive job markets.

  • Individual CV / résumé editing.

  • A list of over 200 of the best English language schools and agencies in Barcelona.

  • Essential information on how to obtain work-related documents (TEFL teaching in Spain).

  • Interviewing skills and commonly-asked interview questions for English teaching jobs in Barcelona and elsewhere.

  • A breakdown of the types of TEFL work in Barcelona, Spain and Europe and what to expect with each.

  • Advice on how to market yourself successfully and get the best English teaching jobs in Barcelona (or elsewhere).

  • Cultural awareness and professional development.

  • Trouble-shooting for problematic work situations.

Interviewing for TEFL Teaching Jobs in Barcelona or Elsewhere

We’ll have a session covering each aspect of interviewing for teaching jobs in Barcelona and other parts of the world.

You will be given appropriate sample interview questions to practice with, as well as techniques to help with tricky questions, and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of interviewing with language schools in Barcelona or anywhere else.

One-to-One Sessions 

During your TEFL course you will be scheduled for a personalized one-to-one session with one of the TEFL job guidance counselors.

This will give us the chance to analyze your individual needs and address in greater detail any special concerns or interests you may have, so that you can find, apply for and secure the perfect English teaching job for you.

Continued Career Support After Completing Your TEFL Course

At TEFL Barcelona, we believe that our obligations to you shouldn’t stop just because you have completed your TEFL course. We will keep you updated on teaching job vacancies in our network of schools in Barcelona and beyond, which includes over 200 different language schools and agencies in Barcelona.

Our ongoing (and free!) career support also features:

  • Access to the Barcelona TEFL Teachers Association networking group, which is a fantastic way to meet other teachers and hear about teaching vacancies in Barcelona.

  • Connection to the best English language schools and companies in Barcelona and worldwide.

  • Written references for overseas applications.

  • Experience and advice from our graduate network around the globe.

Best Online TEFL Course Reviews - Teach English Online & Abroad

Course and Work Testimonials

Christina Nicoll, (UK)

“I finished my TEFL course at the end of August, just at that perfect moment when September starts for the “hiring frenzy”.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I began to get interest in my cv, and like a snowball effect had about three interviews in one week! And that was without really trying!

Now I am teaching morning classes at a US company 10 minutes outside of Barcelona Sants station, and then a few days per week in a Global French based company in the heart of the city.

I have a mixture of students, I teach the FCE to upper management and I teach Business English in 1:1 classes. I also have lower levels of small groups and they are always fun because the students are so enthusiastic to learn and improve, it really warms my heart after some lessons!

I think that although there are a lot of teachers in Barcelona, there is plenty of work to go around, especially if you feel confident in your abilities.

It did for me, and I look forward to building up more classes in the new year”. 

Christopher Brown (UK)

“I booked my TEFL course on https://www.teflbarcelona.net and am now working a full teaching schedule in an academy in Barcelona.

My overall experience with TEFL Barcelona was extremely positive.

We had a variety of trainers, each with quite different teaching styles (which was interesting to observe, as we were all trying to improve ourselves as teachers), but they all managed to lead us through the course material in a logical and engaging way.

We learned the essential grammar rules quickly, but in enough detail that I’ve had no problem building on this initial knowledge enough to feel confident teaching it, and had plenty of practice teaching adult students in real classes, which was invaluable experience to mention in job interviews. My classmates were motivated and enjoyable to learn with, and I’ve stayed in contact with many of them since leaving the course.

TEFL Barcelona is a great way to get established in Barcelona; they can organise your accommodation for the first month (giving you plenty of time to find a long-term room while living in the city), you get the necessary knowledge and qualifications to find a job, and you meet a group of solid friends with whom you can discover the city”. 

April Scatliffe (USA)

“Teaching English in Barcelona has truly been an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I am currently working for an academy which provides me with private students. I conduct the lessons in the students’ homes which I find very enjoyable because it allows me to get the amazing cultural experience I was hoping for.

Seeing the children interact with their families, chatting with their parents in Spanish from time to time, and being a part of their lives in such a close way has truly enriched my experience abroad. I also have some conversational classes with small groups of adults, which I especially love because I am able to see such different perspectives of life through them and I can choose the topics that we converse about before the class.

After my TEFL course in August (which was amazing and made me extremely well-prepared to teach) I got a job at an English Academy where the classes were based on an intense method of oral repetition.

I didn’t have much flexibility with my classes and I didn’t like that I had to stay in the same building every day and forget that I was living in such a beautiful city.

Now, although my classes are a bit spread out within Barcelona, the transportation system is very easy and efficient to use and I really appreciate that it allows me to get to know the city more (there are so many different, amazing areas within Barcelona, you can’t just stay in the city center!)

Many of my classes are close enough to walk to and I often have breaks between them to visit some nice cafes and speak with the locals.

Living abroad for a year is simply one of the best decisions a person could make. I couldn’t recommend Barcelona more since it literally has everything wonderful all packed into one city: beautiful streets with tons of history, incredible weather and beaches, sunny plazas, friendly open people (very international too), delicious food and much, much more”. 

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