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The Mediterranean’s most   dynamic and cosmopolitan city!



Our priority


is to offer personal attention

to all our trainees

Intensive courses


leading to an internationally validated certificate

A thorough TEFL programme

which gives you the best possible preparation


Job guidance

and Job Referral schemes during and after the course


Happy graduates


During and after the TEFL course



Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle

of a cultural capital 

during your TEFL training

TEFL Barcelona application process

The course is open to adults aged 18 or over who have a university degree or its equivalent, or who have university entrance qualifications + work experience.

Native English speakers and bilinguals do not always require an interview. Non-native English speakers will normally be asked to go through a Skype or telephone interview.

To apply, please complete the application form (below)

Please also see our terms and conditions, at the bottom of the application form.

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Terms and Conditions

Please note our payment and cancellation terms listed below. If you have any doubts we will be happy to answer your questions (contact us )

Payment policy

Once you have been offered a place on a course, we will send you a provisional invoice and then you are given 7 working days to pay the minimum registration fee, 370 € as a deposit.

You are not officially registered for the course until the minimum deposit has been paid and confirmation of payment received. If the monies are not registered in good time we will cancel our offer.

You can pay the remaining sum either by bank transfer (2 weeks prior to the course) or in person when you arrive to do the course.

If we have not been advised of the bank transfer you will not be admitted to the course.

Cancellation policy

Kindly note that the initial deposit to book your place on a course is not refundable. However, your deposit remains valid up to one year and should you wish to cancel your enrolment on a particular course, we can transfer your booking to a later date.


A year Abroad in Barcelona

When it comes to most decisions, I like to be organized and well informed; it allows me to approach the situation feeling safe and confident. When I decided to sign up for a TEFL course and commit myself to a year abroad in Barcelona, there was only so much I could...

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