TEFL Barcelona – now partnering with TEFL International and ITA – was launched in Spring 2006, building on the success of our long-established sister course in Paris.

Since then, many students have passed through our classrooms and gone on to rewarding careers teaching TEFL in Spain and around the world.

Below are a few things which students in Barcelona have said about our approach, our TEFL course, and the support which we provide. Where email addresses are given, please feel free to contact the students if you require more information.

To read more graduates’ views on employment opportunities and their experience as TEFL teachers see our job guidance page or the guest articles on our Blog.

Latest feedback from our TEFL graduates

“My husband and I both completed the course in early October. It’s only been about a month and a half, but we have both found work and are settling into a weekly routine. Both of us do a combination of private tutoring and online teaching, and he also teaches one evening a week in an academy. I found my private tutoring jobs within a few days of posting just one ad on tusclasesparticulares.com.There were actually more people responding than I was looking to take on as students! I found other jobs via word of mouth. When you’re looking for work, keep your eyes and ears open and get connected with all the TEFL Barcelona Facebook groups. And then, be prepared to make friends with your students! All of mine are friendly, funny, and kind and I really enjoy seeing them each week. You’ve probably heard that teaching English in Europe isn’t the most lucrative career choice, and so far we’re finding that true, which is why we added our online teaching jobs. We like variety, so this works for us. The amount of freedom we have in making our schedules is great. Overall, the amount of work you get will coincide with how much you want and how much you hustle to get it! We’ve found what we learned during the ITA TEFL course super helpful and valuable in our teaching thus far!“. Phoebe and Caleb Hamel, (USA)

“I finished my TEFL course at the end of August, just at that perfect moment when September starts for the “hiring frenzy”. Unfortunately, I had some family matters to sort out in the UK, so deliberately didn’t start looking for work. I was in the UK for most of September but still kept peeking at the main sites that help teachers find work (one of the best things at the end of the course was the job support and advice given, including great tips for interviews, curriculums, and places to look for jobs). It’s true that in September all the schools, academies and privates want to begin classes so the opportunities are certainly there, I was convinced that work would have dried up by October and I would have to make do with a few private “cash in hand” classes, and start again in January for the next big hiring phase. So I was pleasantly surprised when I began to get interest in my cv, and like a snowball effect had about three interviews in one week! And that was without really trying! Now I am teaching morning classes at a US company 10 minutes outside of Barcelona Sants station, and then a few days per week in a Global French based company in the heart of the city. I have a mixture of students, I teach the FCE to upper management and I teach Business English in 1:1 classes. I also have lower levels of small groups and they are always fun because the students are so enthusiastic to learn and improve, it really warms my heart after some lessons! I think that although there are a lot of teachers in Barcelona, there is plenty of work to go around, especially if you feel confident in your abilities (even if you don’t feel you are I can assure you that the knowledge you acquired during the TEFL is priceless and that will ultimately shine through). It did for me, and I look forward to building up more classes in the new year”.  Christina Nicoll, (UK) August course 2018.

“When I arrived to Madrid with no real teaching experience and a low level of Spanish I’ll admit it was overwhelming. However, after only two days in the city I knew I loved it and within three days I had a full time teaching position. I teach at an academy for an adults and have learned so much. Finding a job is not difficult and if you are excited about teaching you will learn so much every day. I teach adults and engineers and executives at a business and teach about 25 hours a week. While that may seem like a lot, many big academies like mine provide holiday pay and even free spanish lessons! Teachers are clearly a commodity and even without experience if you have determination you will succeed in Madrid and likely throughout Spain as well“. Kirsten Hausmann, (USA) 

American graduate Otis Banwell on his first job after graduating fron TEFL Barcelona Spain“No one I know has had to struggle or leave the city due to a lack of work”

“I’ve been teaching English in Barcelona for five months now and have had a wonderful time. I got here in January to get certified and though only four weeks long, the TEFL course I took with you, Lisa, Jamie and Michael provided enough information and hands-on teaching experience so that when I graduated in early February I felt ready to start teaching right away. Some of my more proactive classmates actually got hired and started getting paid to teach before we had even completed the course! 
In my job search I started by posting a profile on tusclasesparticulares.com and in just one week I had found enough students that I did not need to continue looking for jobs. Everyone else who graduated in my TEFL class went on to teach a combination of private students and classes through a school or business but no one I know has had to struggle or leave the city due to a lack of work. 
Barcelona is an amazing city and teaching English allows me enough free time to spend a good part of my schedule exploring and relaxing. 
One piece of advice I have for potential TEFL teachers is to do everything you can to get a visa in your home country and then when you get here start the process right away of getting all your official documents that allow you to live and work here legally; it takes a while to figure out and is a good idea to start right away. I am currently trying to extend my six month visa and am hoping it works out because I love it here and want to stay!” Otis Banwell (USA).


“Since finishing the course, I’ve had a lot of success teaching”

“I completed the course in November, which meant waiting a month until the next semester started. (Spain takes a month-long Christmas break.) But once everyone was back from holidays, work was not an issue to find. It was harder to find housing than it was to find students. I advertised English classes on tusclasesparticulares.com, which is where most of my students contacted me. And on days I wasn’t being contacted, I was contacting potential students”. Jessie Conroy (USA)

“Getting a job was surprisingly easy for me”

“I really enjoyed my experience with TEFL Barcelona and would recommend it to anyone I know. The teachers were approachable and extremely supportive. Within the second week at the school, I was teaching a class on my own! I was so nervous as I am not a fan of public speaking but the support I received from the teachers gave me the confidence that I could teach a group of adults an English class.

While the course is only four weeks long it is extremely intensive and as a teacher, you will grow so much in just the one month. They covered English grammar that I hadn’t even learnt back in school in Canada and different teaching techniques that could be used for any class size at all levels. We also learned the International Phonetic Alphabet which is a unique skill to have, especially for myself because I can only speak one language but at least now I can read two alphabets!

Getting a job was surprisingly easy for me, as I was hired before I even completed the course! I work for a language services company and I am a private tutor for people ages 6 to 52. I was also able to maintain a work schedule that catered to my needs, for example, I don’t work on Friday’s because I wanted to be able to travel on the weekends. Becoming an English teacher is a really great option for someone who doesn’t want to work in a traditional office 9 to 5. I get to travel the world and still make some money so I can’t complain. TEFL Barcelona is a great place to study and get your certification all while you get to live in Barcelona!” Olivia Kelly (Canada)

Our graduate Melanie Valerga is now confident when teaching grammar“I’m enjoying being an English teacher very much”

“When I started thinking of studying to become an English teacher I was terrified about teaching grammar as I had never really studied it.
When I started the course there were days that I thought, ”Oh wow, I’m going to have to teach this!!”
Luckily for me, I got a job in an academy a week after finishing the course, so everything was fresh in my mind.
I started working with children, which is fun if you have a good group. Very soon I was asked to take over a group of adults. That was more challenging as adults want to know why and how everything works. When I prepare the class I have to study the grammar to make sure they don’t catch me out on anything.
I’m enjoying being an English teacher very much. I recommend it to everyone who speaks English well”. Melanie Valerga (Gibraltar)

“I am loving living in Barcelona. It is one of the most amazing cities I have been to”

“Since finishing the TEFL course, things have been going so well. It took me one week after finishing the course to land my first job at a school in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi for a summer camp. I am one of the main English teachers and every day is a new day.

I plan the lessons, I interact with the children and help out with other school activities.

For one week during this camp, we went to La Garrotxa and what an experience that was! Since being at this school, more opportunities have arrived. I’ve met parents who now want me to do private lessons with their children and the word spread and I am in contact with a few families now. It’s funny how things work out.

Besides teaching, I am loving living in Barcelona. It is one of the most amazing cities I have been to. I have met the most amazing people, eaten the best food, and explored/still exploring this historic city. I am so happy that the TEFL program exists because, without it, I don’t think I would be here in Barcelona.

Overall, I would recommend the course to everyone without hesitation. The teachers are amazing; the people I met through the course are still my friends till this day, and it gave me the knowledge I needed about teaching English”. Stephanie Rhawie (US)

Hanna Gunther the US testifies that finding work in Barcelona requires a bit of patience, during holidays months“Once January and September roll around, you will hardly have to look for students.”

“Finding teaching work in Barcelona requires patience, persistence and flexibility. However, finding students is not an issue because so many people are wanting to learn English for their jobs or for school. At first, your schedule may seem scattered, but once you gain some consistency, it smooths out and becomes much more enjoyable.

If you decide to come to Barcelona to teach, beware of holiday months (December and August). People leave the city for one month and work is slow.I’ve been teaching English in Barcelona for five months now and have had a wonderful time. I got here in January to get certified and though only four weeks long, the TEFL course I took with you, Lisa, Jamie and Michael provided enough information and hands-on teaching experience so that when I graduated in early February I felt ready to start teaching right away. Some of my more proactive classmates actually got hired and started getting paid to teach before we had even completed the course! Once January and September roll around, you will hardly have to look for students. People will come to you. It is a challenging job but so incredibly rewarding to help someone communicate in a new language. I would highly recommend teaching abroad if you are interested in education, languages or travelling”. Hanna Guenther (USA)

“I have been living in Barcelona for five months now and I think it’s safe to say that I love it. I have no complaints about my experience in the TEFL course; it was informative and fun, and helped me to meet some great new friends and current roommates. Lisa, Jamie, and Michael provided more than enough resources to find a job and effectively teach English. However, they are not going to hand you a job upon graduation; you must be dedicated in applying and interviewing, but I can assure you it is all worth it in the end. I currently work at two different language schools, where I teach a range of kids from 5 years old to 9 or 10 years of age. My work at these schools is supplemented by private classes in people’s homes, so I get a variety of different experiences. I prepare my own lessons and am learning just as much from my students as they (hopefully) are from me. Barcelona has some funny customs, especially during Christmas time, and it was so fun to share Christmas traditions with my students.

My advice to anyone wishing to teach English in Barcelona, or anywhere really, is to be proactive in looking for work, and keep an open mind. Moving to a different country is difficult and scary, but is so worth it in the end”. Emily Vandermast (USA)

“TEFL Barcelona has been the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. I’ve had the privilege to learn from experienced teachers and made fantastic friends. This was the first step in a new career and new direction in my life and it was a very positive first step to take. The tutors created a welcoming, collaborative environment to learn in, with practical experience the underpinning of the course. I can only say thank you so much!”. Erin Shakespeare (UK)

“If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest doing the TEFL Barcelona course! I should preface that I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and master’s degree in Education; yet I found this training program to be one of the best courses I’ve taken. It was challenging, thorough, fun, exhilarating, and beneficial. The course is a combination of relearning all aspects of the English language as well as hands on teaching experience. Since taking the course I have been teaching a number of different English classes. I have signed up to work about 14 hours a week with a language school right in Barcelona, and teach private classes on the side to make a little extra money. Within days of sending an email to various directors, I heard from 12 different schools and was able to set up interviews with 7 of them. Don’t worry about a lack of English teaching jobs in Barcelona, there are plenty! Additionally I posted an add online to advertise myself as a private tutor and heard form 23 people in 2 days. Working a 18hour workweek, I make enough money to cover rent and still live incredibly comfortably. Majority of my time is spent on the beach, wandering around the city, meeting friends for sangria and tapas, and traveling around Spain.

Basically through doing this course, you earn a certificate that means you are employable worldwide. Take a second to think about that. You could work anywhere in the world that has a language school AKA you can travel anywhere in the world and get paid for it! Internationally employable, I like the sound of that!”. Claire Nicholas (USA)


“I recommend the TEFL course to anyone who would like to start teaching English and get a job quickly. There is definitely a high demand of English teachers in Catalonia (and the world, I guess) and TEFL is well known and recognized among private schools and English Academies. In my case, I am Catalan, I lived in Scotland for 5 years, have a degree in English and I was really struggling to find a job related to my ‘old profession’ so I decided to change my career direction. I knew I like teaching, I had been teaching Spanish when living abroad, so that’s why I ended up doing TEFL. I thought not being a native speaker would be a problem and I thought it would take me a few months to start having regular classes and enough classes to live on. However, on my last week in TELF, they called me for a few interviews; one of them was to work in a language Academy where I was finally hired. I started with some in-company and private classes and now they’ve already told me that a teacher is leaving next month so I can take his groups. In other words, I got a job in less than a month!”. Alba Robert (Catalonia)

“I never thought that I would be an English teacher but joining TEFL was the best decision that I’ve made so far. I have been living in Barcelona for 5 months now and I am completely in love with this city! I joined the September course and was worried that by October every academy would be full and no one would be hiring but I was wrong. Even before I graduated from the program I got hired at The American School of Barcelona and found 8 private students! I have Fridays-Sundays off so I get to travel all over Europe with friends that I made in the TEFL program. Teaching can be a challenge but every day I’m learning and growing and I’m so happy I was able to learn so much from this course!”. Anna Preston (USA)

“I took the TEFL course in September 2015 and managed to get a job before the course had ended. I currently work for a company that sends me to many different places, whether it be schools or students homes and I teach both one to one and group classes. I would highly recommend taking this course as it prepares you so much for the real world of teaching English as a foreign language and helps you become more prepared and organised as an individual. The teachers at TEFL international Barcelona definitely do not spoon feed you and it is an intense 4 weeks but they are extremely helpful and it made me completely capable and ready to teach in the real world. I made so many friends while on the course which is one of my favourite things about the experience, and many of us now live and travel together. I would say that teaching abroad is not always easy but it’s an extremely rewarding job and I’m so happy I decided to do it”. Jemeala Tarbah (UK)

“I knew after graduating from college, I would explode if I went straight to grad school. Travelling is a priority to me, but I also knew that I’d need to be making some kind of income. What better way to do that than teach English abroad? I’ve had friends who WOOF or work abroad (programs that are really great, I just didn’t want to do them my first year abroad), but I still wanted to be able to connect with local people of all ages. I took the Barcelona TEFL program in September, which was perfect because the school year starts in October so there were plenty of job offers. After the program, I felt good about standing up in a classroom and teaching English. The teachers are awesome by the way! Even though grammar has NEVER been my strong suit (especially since I haven’t studied it since high school), I feel comfortable teaching it. Most schools or academies will provide you with books and materials that help guide your lesson plans as well.

I’ve currently been living in Valencia now for 4 months and I love it. I teach at a small language academy in the evening for 12 hours a week. My youngest classroom is filled with 3 and 4 year olds and my oldest class consists of business professionals. Your classes are definitely what you make them to be and I love that I still get to incorporate creativity into my lesson plans. I also have a few private lessons during the day or after I teach at the academy. I chose to move to Valencia because, as great as Barcelona is, I wanted a smaller city, with less tourists, and more culture. The people, beach, paella, sangria, fiestas, bike-rides, city center, and the atmosphere here makes this city perfect for me.  

Teaching English abroad, especially in a country as wonderful as Spain, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on travelling and seeing the world. I know I made the right decision to take the TEFL course and move to Spain!”. Emily Beam (USA)

“Teaching English in Barcelona has truly been an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am currently working for an academy which provides me with private students. I conduct the lessons in the students’ homes which I find very enjoyable because it allows me to get the amazing cultural experience I was hoping for. Seeing the children interact with their families, chatting with their parents in Spanish from time to time, and being a part of their lives in such a close way has truly enriched my experience abroad. I also have some conversational classes with small groups of adults, which I especially love because I am able to see such different perspectives of life through them and I can choose the topics that we converse about before the class.

After my TEFL course in August (which was amazing and made me extremely well-prepared to teach) I got a job at an English Academy where the classes were based on an intense method of oral repetition. I didn’t have much flexibility with my classes and I didn’t like that I had to stay in the same building every day and forget that I was living in such a beautiful city. Now, although my classes are a bit spread out within Barcelona, the transportation system is very easy and efficient to use and I really appreciate that it allows me to get to know the city more (there are so many different, amazing areas within Barcelona, you can’t just stay in the city center!) Many of my classes are close enough to walk to and I often have breaks between them to visit some nice cafes and speak with the locals. Living abroad for a year is simply one of the best decisions a person could make. I couldn’t recommend Barcelona more since it literally has everything wonderful all packed into one city: beautiful streets with tons of history, incredible weather and beaches, sunny plazas, friendly open people (very international too), delicious food and much, much more”. April Scatliffe (USA)

“I booked my TEFL course on https://www.teflbarcelona.net/ and am now working a full teaching schedule in an academy in Barcelona. My overall experience with TEFL Barcelona was extremely positive. We had a variety of trainers, each with quite different teaching styles (which was interesting to observe, as we were all trying to improve ourselves as teachers), but they all managed to lead us through the course material in a logical and engaging way. We learned the essential grammar rules quickly, but in enough detail that I’ve had no problem building on this initial knowledge enough to feel confident teaching it, and had plenty of practice teaching adult students in real classes, which was invaluable experience to mention in job interviews. My classmates were motivated and enjoyable to learn with, and I’ve stayed in contact with many of them since leaving the course.

TEFL Barcelona is a great way to get established in Barcelona; they can organise your accommodation for the first month (giving you plenty of time to find a long-term room while living in the city), you get the necessary knowledge and qualifications to find a job, and you meet a group of solid friends with whom you can discover the city”. Christopher Brown (UK).

“Had someone asked me a year ago what I’d probably be doing today, never in a million years would I have thought to respond “teaching English in Barcelona.” The truth is that I got into this profession almost by accident but it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve yet to make.

Thanks to Mike, our career counsellor, I was able to find work despite the awkward time during the school year that I became a certified teacher. Through the resources that were provided to me by the school, an English academy called Britannia hired me as an English teacher for a summer camp in the Pyrenees during June and July. The camp went exceptionally well, my employer was pleased, and she has now offered me a full-time position as an English teacher at her school for this upcoming school year! In addition to working with Britannia, I have been working with another academy called Links & Lynx whom have provided me with supplementary work, including a month long gig giving business English classes to Yamaha employees and tutoring university students to prepare for the First Certificate, amongst other small jobs.

After accepting work with Britannia and Links & Lynx, I was still receiving a good amount of call backs for interviews. Since my schedule was already full, I actually had to turn down work! That says quite a bit considering the current unemployment situation in Spain.

It’s been about four months since I’ve graduated from TEFL International Barcelona, and I’m doing just fine. This Monday, September 15th will be my first day as a full-time teacher in Britannia, who has given me a 27,5 hour workweek plus a few more hours with Links & Lynx. English is a booming business right now“. Yolanda Arriaga (USA)

“Hey Future-Fellow-Teachers,

I’ve been here almost 7 months now and I’m still just getting my feet wet in this teaching business, but I’m working hard and hanging in there. Teaching has been really eye opening for me.  You never realize how much you don’t know about the language you’ve been “fluent in” all your life until a student asks you to explain the reasoning behind a phrasal verb, but as the saying goes learning is a lifelong process and my students and I are in it together. 

Being an American in this country in this line of work has both its ups and its downs. On the one hand, students really want to learn “American English” which makes you coveted by them which is great for private lessons, but on the other hand, if academy/school employment is what you seek most of them want to hire teachers with working papers which is almost impossible to gain for Americans. If you do manage to find a school not so concerned with all the red tape, life would be a bit easier: materials provided sometimes lessons even prepared, but your best bet is most likely private classes. You get to set your own price, but it also requires more leg work on your part:  constant self advertising, post to websites, in charge of your own materials/lesson plans. No pain, no gain, right?

All in all, teaching has been a pleasant surprise for me.  It’s not a profession I had seriously considered in the past; I didn’t think I had the skill or patience, but after you get past the nerves and hurdle of your first solo lesson that turns out well and your student turns to you and says “I learned a lot today”, that’s all the motivation you need to continue.” Neila St. Louis (USA).

NB: For non-EU members we recommend applying for a student visa before travelling to Spain. A student visa will allow you to apply for a NIE number and teach 20 hours a week. Ask us for more information on how to apply for this.

“The instructors at TEFL Barcelona are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and they offered me practical teaching advice based on solid linguistic and pedagogical theories. Although I had previous experience teaching in U.S. public schools before beginning the course, the TEFL program provided me with all the specific tools I needed to teach in TEFL classrooms here in Barcelona. Thanks for an enjoyable and beneficial experience!”

Kevin Pinck, Minneapolis ( USA) kpinckATgmail.com

“The TEFL course and time spent in Barcelona were very much learning experiences. Care and thought should be put into your work for successful outcomes, which requires a lot of time! It is easy to underestimate the work load at first and learning so much in 4 weeks can be overwhelming at times. Nevertheless, I feel infinitely more prepared to enter the world of teaching because of this course and that is what makes everything worthwhile. The assistance and resources provided to the students are incredible and it is so nice to be surrounded by those who exhibit a clear passion for the TEFL career. If TEFL is what interests you and you are willing to work hard, I could not recommend this course enough. A challenging experience that will help you learn and grow an incredible amount in 1 month.”

Kirsten Hausmann ( USA )  kirs10hausmannATgmail.com

“I took the TEFL month long course in Barcelona, and I gotta say, it was definitely worth it. Having had some experience in teaching and linguistics definitely took the edge off because it is a course jam packed with valuable information for teaching. The instructors were very knowledgable, fun, pedagogical and helpful (but not too helpful! you don’t wanna get your hand held through the course!), and the practical teaching I got from the students via the school was incredibly valuable. I could see myself becoming more confident in my teaching skills and methods as the course progressed. Having come home to Sweden now to finish my degree, I hope to get some jobs as an online tutor. The school had people come in to talk about the various jobs you can get, online being one of them, which gave me very helpful information for my immediate TEFL plans.”

Alex Rau ( Sweden/ USA)  alexdrauATgmail.com

“I had heard the TEFL course was very intense, with a lot of work. What I
didn’t realise was just how intense…for example we started teaching on our
second day!
Every class was full on, dynamic, interesting and entertaining. Everything
that a teacher would ever need to know was covered, from grammar,
instructing students, classroom management, how to maximise on lesson
plans etc. My class had 11 students so there was lots of interactive role
plays, chats and discussions. And the teachers were the best! They were
inspiring, professional, and funny, and managed to keep the full class
focused, mainly due to their clear and interesting explanations and by
keeping it personal, sharing their anecdotes and experiences. After
teaching 6 classes, preparing multi level lesson plans, and assessing learner
students, the final week was geared towards the job market in Spain,
Europe and beyond, including online, business and young learner classes. I
feel the course really prepares and equips you with the confidence to start
applying for jobs immediately. I couldn’t recommend this course more.”

Christina Nicoll ( UK ) locanicoATgooglemail.com

“The class has taught me so much and improved my teaching skills. It’s an intense course, but I’m glad I learned all I did. All we were taught was such useful information!”
Alexi Spinelle ( USA ) alexisspinelleATgmail.com

“Becoming TEFL certified has been something I have wanted to do since I was in eighth grade. Finally having the opportunity was extremely exciting and doing it at the school here in Barcelona was rewarding. The teachers  gave personalized attention to each student to make sure they were engaged, focused, and successful in their work. Though some of it was tough, it all paid off in the end because I feel like I can go into the field with real and practical skills. I’m so glad I picked this course!”

Samantha Deverich ( Germany/USA)  deverich3ATgmail.com

“I feel confident and excited to start my new chapter as a foreign language teacher”

“The best part of the course for me was definitely the teachers; they are welcoming and always ready to give a helping hand. Every day is filled with laughter (as well as learning!) The teachers are a great example of what a teacher should be; you definitely learn from the best!” 

— Lisa Shields (South Africa/ Ireland), lisashields6ATgmail.com

“I’m glad that I made the choice to take a chance, and I am sincerely grateful for TEFL International Barcelona for helping me into a great start!”

“It was intimidating to be in a new country, by myself, with loads of information to take in, but the teachers here are very kind and patient! The course was fast and the material was challenging, but the professors always took the time to explain things thoroughly. The ways in which they explain English are so straightforward that it really makes it into a sort of formulaic chemistry. We also got loads of teaching experience, for which I am very grateful – even having already taught for four years – because it helped me take time to experiment with methods and activities to better explain English, rather than just regurgitating what I’ve been taught. I really like the methodology, too, because it’s designed to create a fun, engaging classroom. Everybody learns better when it’s interesting! I can also tell that this course is regarded highly among the locals, because with the career guidance recommendation I have already put out my resume, and I’m getting very positive feedback!”

— Laura Sutton ( USA ), laura.Sutton000 A Tgmail.com

“A really enjoyable course and I feel ready to begin my adventure of teaching in new and exotic places”.

“At the end of this 4-week intensive course I can say I really enjoyed the TEFL course in Barcelona. The staff was helpful, knowledgeable and made the classes enjoyable. I found that not only were the grammatical aspects covered well, but also very helpful information was provided for the practical aspects of teaching different levels and personalities of students. And as a bonus, I had a very fun group of fellow students with a good comradery among us.

— Joseph Ward (UK), jgw3rd AT  yahoo.com

“Thanks a lot for all your efforts and understanding”  — Fatima Edaoudi ( Netherlands), f.eddaoudi AT  hotmail.com

“I was happy with the teachers and my classmates!” — Neils Leunen (Belgium), nielsleunens  hotmail.com

“It is a very intense 4-week course, but definitely worth doing it!”

“Absolutely lovely, dedicated trainers, all have years of experience teaching. This training is very practical, which makes it really valuable and will prepare you to teach straightaway after the completion of the course. There’s a lot to take in so be prepared to work hard.”

— Chrystel Labezin ( France), chrystel.labezin AT yahoo.fr

“I learned as much in a month as I would have in a year!” — Catalina Frâncu ( Romania) catalina.a.francuATgmail.com

“TEFL International Barcelona is a great way to learn how to teach English as a foreign language!” — Eliza Hamer (UK),  elizahamerATaol.co.uk

“It’s been a great month for me! I’ve got a lot of experience in teaching practice and language awareness! I really enjoyed the atmosphere, it was comfort-related and the teachers were so professional and inspiring! I wish it could last forever!
Thank you so much for this opportunity!” — Svetlana Sokolova ( Russia), svetik_sv84ATmail.ru

“The courses I took and completed gave me the confidence to initiate my own “Teach English” program for the less fortunate street children of my country.”

“The four-week teacher training course that I received from TEFL Barcelona under the auspices of Lisa Girling, and her staff is quite strenuous but well worth taking. I found Ms. Girling and her associate teachers to be a pleasure to work with, they are accessible, extremely organized, and very dedicated to their work. The certification I earned is something that I am very proud of, and will continually cherish as one of my greater accomplishments. The facilities and classrooms are of modest standard with great ambience, no doubt a well-deserved credit to the jolly teaching staff.

To be able to live like a Barcelona local, and study in one of the most amazing cities in Europe was a pleasurable experience to boot. I enjoyed the friendly people of Barcelona, and the food, the coffee and Jamon Iberico are to die for in this historic city. I had a great time with the TEFL program, it was my excuse to come to Barcelona, but I am so glad that I took the class. “

— Joseph Calderon Jr (USA), joecalderonjr AT yahoo.com

“It was an overall great experience. The school’s facilities are very good and the trainers are professional, friendly and made me feel comfortable. The course is intensive but at the end of it, you have a clear idea of what TEFL teaching is all about. If you want to start a TEFL teaching career path or if you want to work and travel for a few months, then doing this course is something you should seriously consider.” — Rares Negrut (Romania), raresnegrut yahoo.com

“Great class! The Teaching Practice is invaluable!” —  Alex Case ( USA ), Bigloop21ATgmail.com

“Plenty of resources and a nice environment. The Teaching practice was very useful, fair evaluation and constructive criticism. I felt very supported”. — Hannah Murden (UK), hannah.murdenAT hotmail.co.uk

“You feel as if you’re actually being prepared for what teaching English as a foreign language is like in the real world”

“TEFL International Barcelona is a good TEFL course because of its emphasis upon in-class teaching practice – I was thrown into teaching Spanish students on the third day of the course. This shouldn’t dishearten potential students though. I believe practical experience to be the best way of learning to teach, even if it can be a scary prospect, to begin with. The teaching, in general, is also of a high quality – Micheal, Lisa and Jamie have about 60 years of teaching experience between them, so you feel as if you’re actually being prepared for what teaching English as a foreign language is like in the real world. A challenging, busy, but nonetheless fun few weeks!” — Max Simon (UK), maxsimon_1995ATyahoo.co.uk

“This program was intense and well worth it! The teachers dedicate their time not only in the classroom but out as well, to ensure you receive the best mentorship! All of them have different teaching styles encompassing the TEFL International methodology. The training you receive sets you on a path to become the best TEFL teacher you can. It’s no wonder why they have become so popular as an international program! I would recommend this program, especially Barcelona, for anyone looking to enhance their English as a second language teaching skills or to set themselves on the path for a positive, international experience influencing others!” — Kana Ribultan ( USA-Japan), kanasherry gmail.com

“I came to Barcelona for the TEFL course and my experience has been unforgettable! I met a great group of people who share a passion for teaching, and I gained the skills and confidence I need to teach English anywhere in the world. The course is intense and challenging at times, but most of all it is rewarding. It is rewarding to see not only your own progression but also the progression of your students. Although I have never formally taught in a classroom setting before, TEFL provided hands-on teaching experience and gave me confidence in my teaching abilities.” — Nicole Hahn (USA ), nhahn2012ATgmail.com

” The course has been a fantastic experience, I’ve met great people and developed my teaching skills with the guidance of wonderful tutors. It’s been a challenge but it’s been worth it! ” — Erin Shakespeare (UK), erinjoannedayAThotmail.co.uk

“The TEFL Barcelona course did not disappoint!  I truly enjoyed all of the staff, students, and overall structure of the program. The instructors each had different teaching styles and were very supportive. I was looking for the right opportunity to take a TEFL course for some time now as a means of traveling and seeing more of the world while having a skill to offer. This course has granted me this opportunity while being able to explore the lovely city of Barcelona! ” — Meg Cosgrove (USA), megzgrove8@gmail.com

“I had an incredible time! It was pretty tiring some days, but the atmosphere with this group was so special! I must admit I was a bit worried in the beginning, as a non-native speaker I often thought I was crazy to pretend to take such a diploma. But you all did help us to feel confident, great job! And I succeed, waouh! and I made very good friends, today I am a happy woman, thank you.”  — Marion-Coralie Boivert (France), greenwoodcoralieATgmail.com

“I have the feeling that I’m better at explaining and also that I learned a lot. Thank you!”  Elena Haag (Germany) , March-April course 2016, fraeulein.haag AT gmail.com

“I really loved the course. I enjoyed it so much.” — Lydia Onrust (Netherlands ), lydiaonrustAThotmail.com

“In a sentence: Superb: it could not have been better!”

It was a great pleasure and experience to be at TEFL Barcelona. Not only were the staff enthusiastic, knowledgeable, engaging and fun; the course structure excellent and well thought out; the facilities excellent and well equipped – the computers and printers photocopiers always worked without any problem. The building is beautiful and ornate and a pleasure to arrive at every morning. I really enjoyed my month at the school – would have liked it to be longer!  Every day I looked forward to going there – it was a real joy. Thank you to everyone at the school.”

— Mark Fennah (UK) February, markfennahATicloud.com
“I really enjoyed my experience with TEFL Barcelona and would recommend it to anyone I know. The teachers were approachable and extremely supportive. Within the second week at the school I was teaching a class on my own! I was so nervous as I am not a fan of public speaking but the support I received from the teachers gave me the confidence that I could teach a group of adults an English class.

While the course is only four weeks long it is extremely intensive and as a teacher you will grow so much in just the one month. They covered English grammar that I hadn’t even learnt back in school in Canada and different teaching techniques that could be used for any class size at all levels.  We also learned the International Phonetic Alphabet which is a unique skill to have, especially for myself because I can only speak one language but at least now I can read two alphabets!”

Olivia Kelly ( Canada) January course 2016


“I had been considering doing a TEFL course for a while as a means to travel, and was originally going to do one online. However once I read about TEFL Barcelona I decided it was too good of an opportunity to miss. Not only do you get to live in a beautiful city for at least four weeks and make new friends from all over the world, you also get actual teaching experience during training which sets you up well for your career going forward. I have had an amazing experience in Barcelona and I am looking forward to seeing where my TEFL qualification will take me next.”

Lucy Faith ( UK ), January course 2016


“From the moment I started my first class at TEFL International Barcelona I knew that I had made the right choice. The learning experience was more than words could describe, the teachers were enthusiastic, energetic , entertaining and were always motivated to keep us going through the whole course. The guidance was superb and the course structure was perfect and was filled with all the valuable aspects of teaching and much more. If you are planning on doing a teaching course TEFL International Barcelona is the perfect place for you.”

Shikita Vuntarde ( Zimbabwe ), November-December course 2015


“The TEFL International course in Barcelona far outweighed my expectations. The instructors provide a fresh perspective on teaching and much needed job advice for after we finish the course. Having structure during my first month in a new city, thousands of miles from what was familiar, was an excellent way to ease into a new place. I’d highly recommend this course if you are interested in teaching and travelling.” 

Hanna Guenther ( USA), November-December course 2015


“After deciding I wanted to teach, I’m glad I went to the expense and effort of taking the TEFL Barcelona course. First of all, it refreshed my rather rusty knowledge of English grammar. They explained grammar in a useful way, a way that I would be able to easily use with my students. And the course also gave me real life teaching experience paired with the critique and encouragement of well-experienced teachers at the same time. It took away (most) of the fear that comes with standing in front of a group of adults who are staring at you, expecting you to teach them something. The course was also very helpful in terms of career guidance. They gave such blunt and helpful information.”

Jessie Conroy ( USA ) November-December 2015 course


“After registering for the course I was very excited and anticipated going to Barcelona and doing it! Already during the first class I realized that it just exceeded all my expectations. The trainers in TEFL Barcelona are very supportive, professional, direct and with a good sense of humour. I totally enjoyed the course and I recommend it to all people who are interested not only in teaching English but also in trying something new. I got a lot of interesting knowledge and experience that now I feel more confident in what I’m doing.”

Maria Popova ( Russia), November-December course 2015

“I gained so much from taking the TEFL course and now I feel very well prepared as a teacher! In four weeks we learned everything there is to know about being a TEFL teacher and had the chance to practice with real students. The staff at TEFL Barcelona are friendly and personable. They give feed back and one on one advice. They are there to help you in every way possible to learn to be a teacher and to find work after the course. I finished my course in October and by the first week of November I had a job! The course truly exceeded my expectations, I would strongly recommend taking this course.”

Megan Dolphin ( USA ), October 2015


“I have just finished the TELF course at TEFL Barcelona and I must say it’s been a very good experience. The teachers there are professional,  kind, understanding and really want you to pass and make a career out of teaching. Lisa, Jamie,  Erwin and Michael are all great; couldn’t have asked for better teachers.
I went to visit many schools before choosing this one, as I was already living in Barcelona and this one was the one that gave me the most confidence,  and I wasn’t wrong.
When I walked in there on the 1st day I had no idea about grammar. Now I am completely confident and can stand in front of people learning English and explain why English is the way it is.”

Melanie Valerga ( Gibralter ), October 2015


“I recommend the TEFL course to anyone who would like to start teaching English and get a job quickly. There is definitely a high demand for English teachers in Catalonia (and in the world, I guess) and TEFL is well known and recognized among private schools and English Academies. In my case, I am Catalan, I lived in Scotland for 5 years, have a degree in English and I was really  struggling to find a job related to my ‘old profession’ so I decides to change my career’s direction. I knew I like teaching, I had been teaching Spanish when living abroad, so that’s why I ended up doing TEFL. I thought not being a native speaker would be a problem and I thought it would take me a few months to start having regular classes and enough classes to live on. However, in my last week on the TEFL course, they called me for a few interviews, one of them was to work in a language Academy where I was finally hired. I started with some in-company and private classes and now they’ve already told me that a teacher is leaving next month so I can take his groups. In other words, I got a job in less than a month!”

Alba Robert ( Catalan ), October 2015


“I would definitely recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. The combination of classes in the mornings and teaching practice in the afternoons really prepares you for teaching independently and the teachers are extremely helpful and supportive. In addition to this you get to meet a lot of nice people and live in the amazing city of Barcelona. “

Karoline Rud ( Norway ), September 2015


“TEFL International is a great course that I recommend for anyone stuck in a dull 9-5 job routine.  Great Teachers that pay attention to what your individual needs are and will help you address them. I wish I could do the course again!”
Earl Newsome ( USA ), Septmeber 2015                                                         earl_newsomeATyahoo.com

“I will be recommending this TEFL course to anyone wanting to teaching English as a foreign language while based in Barcelona or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Why? Because the staff were helpful, friendly and professional. The class rooms are of a good size plus the place has all the facilities one needs to help get through the course. The building where the course is held is in a good location, with a lot of restaurants to choose from when your are on break.”

Stephen Chan ( USA ), September 2015


TEFL Barcelona has truly been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I knew I wanted to teach English in Spain but felt that I really needed some thorough, proper training beforehand. After doing some research online, I decided to go with TEFL in Barcelona. Upon arriving, the staff was incredibly friendly, accessible, and helpful which was extremely important for me since I was alone in a new country. Having many other classmates in the same position, I grew extremely close to them and we felt as if we were all a family.

To be completely honest, before coming to TEFL I had no idea how I was going to teach English, let alone to Spanish people (without even knowing Spanish). TEFL not only demonstrates how it is possible, but also how fun and rewarding of an experience it truly is. The morning classes were very helpful and informative. My classmates and I were able to practice various different teaching aspects (lesson planning, grammar explanations, games, etc) with each other every day.

The training is very intensive and we got to practice teaching real students within the first few days. The teaching practice was definitely my favorite part of the course. Without it, there is no way I would feel as prepared as I do now to be an English teacher. It allows you to get your nerves out, review your teaching strengths and weakness, and make any adjustments to your style to become the best teacher you can be.

I finished the course a week ago and have already been offered jobs thanks to the guidance of Michael, the TEFL job guidance guy. He is absolutely amazing and will sit down with you and help you edit your CV. He even provides a full list of schools, addresses, and emails so you can start sending out your CV during the course and schedule interviews to work.

In conclusion, not only did TEFL Barcelona provide for me excellent teacher training, but it also provided me the support system that I needed in the beginning of this new life in this new, wonderful country.”

April Scatliffe (USA), August 2015                                                                   aprilscatliffeATumail.ucsb.edu

“I would recommend this course to a friend because it was very helpful and very well structured. The staff made sure that we knew what was expected from us as students and future educators.”

Tiffany Arroyo (USA), August 2015                                                                    t13_a14ATyahoo.com

“I would highly recommend it! It has been one of the best experiences in my life; not only as a teacher, but as a person. It proves a teacher is always learning and I was blessed to learn from the best!”

Nannnette Robles (Venezuela),August 2015                                               teacher.nannetteATgmail.com

“I would highly recommend this course. The staff are very qualified, and you will learn so much in one month. The course is practical and hands-on with lots of teaching practice. The job guidance is also very helpful and practical. Take the leap and come to Barcelona!”

Alise Brillault (USA), August 2015                                                                             akbrillaultATgmail.com

“I booked my TEFL course on https://teflbarcelona.net// and am now working a full teaching schedule in an academy in Barcelona. My overall experience with TEFL Barcelona was extremely positive. We had a variety of trainers, each with quite different teaching styles (which was interesting to observe, as we were all trying to improve ourselves as teachers), but they all managed to lead us through the course material in a logical and engaging way. We learned the essential grammar rules quickly, but in enough detail that I’ve had no problem building on this initial knowledge enough to feel confident teaching it, and had plenty of practice teaching adult students in real classes, which was invaluable experience to mention in job interviews. My classmates were motivated and enjoyable to learn with, and I’ve stayed in contact with many of them since leaving the course.

TEFL Barcelona is a great way to get established in Barcelona; they can organise your accommodation for the first month (giving you plenty of time to find a long-term room while living in the city), you get the necessary knowledge and qualifications to find a job, and you meet a group of solid friends with whom you can discover the city.”

Cristopher Brown (UK), July 2015                                                              http://www.christopherdrifter.com

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. You not only learn about teaching and English, but you also have an incredible time. You make lots of friends and of course you learn a lot.”

Daniel Neil Warren Gauchia (UK), July 2015                                                    danielwarren859ATgmail.com

June 2015

“I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. Not only were all the trainers very friendly and intelligent, but they did a wonderful job preparing us for the job. I feel like I gained real-life teaching experience over the course of the class, which has been the most valuable.”
Zoe Cunningham (USA), June 2015

“The course was great fun and very practical. Learnt a lot about teaching & feel confident I can teach independently now.”
Jeremy Slynn (UK), June 2015

May 2015

“Of course I would recommend it to anyone who loves languages, and if they like people, this is just the right course for them.”
Alexandra Abrudan (Romania), May 2015

April 2015

“So many great things to say about the TEFL Barcelona course. The team was well-rounded, extremely helpful and supportive. The course was challenging, yet well paced. I absorbed so much information in one month and I feel I can hold my own in a classroom. What a great experience!”
Zeina Medhat (Canada), April 2015

“I decided to become an English teacher because I wanted to move to Asia. I have recently completed a four-week course at TEFL International Barcelona and I am now giving private classes while I prepare myself for moving to China.
The course was placed in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. It was thorough and fun with a great mix of grammar, phonetics, teaching theory and practice-teaching. The team consisted of professional and friendly trainers and in addition, I made great friends in the group.

My experience at TEFL International Barcelona was highly enriching in both professional and human terms. Today I feel confident and prepared to teach professionally and achieve my dreams. 
Don’t hesitate to sign up for this course, you won’t regret it!”
Davinia Chang Sancho (Spain), April 2015

February-March 2015

“TEFL International Barcelona changed my life! All the amazing, professional and experienced staff brought me from biting my nails before my first class to becoming a confident, knowledgeable teacher. I got so much more out of the course than just a certificate, I feel ready and confident to go out there and start teaching. The teaching practice they provide is invaluable. I am forever grateful to all the amazing people at TEFL International Barcelona who taught, guided, helped and most of all, inspired me to get where I am now!”
Inga Johanna Piirsalu (Estonia), February-March 2015

January 2015

“I would definitely recommend TEFL Barcelona. It is a really great course. Everything is to the point, interesting & inspiring. The tasks are absolutely practical & entertaining. The teachers are very helpful & supportive. I liked it a lot & really enjoyed the course. I would give it a 10 out of 10 for professionalism.”
Daria Glesser (Russia), January 2015

“I have had an excellent time with the TEFL Barcelona course. Not only have the teachers been extremely supportive and approachable, but the classes are fantastic!
There is excellent career advise and support, and the course content is extremely thorough.”
Jaspreet Jhajj (UK), January 2015

“I would definitely recommend the course, because it provides you with thorough information on teaching. This is not only theory but also practice. You get knowledge through experience.”
Elena Larinova (Russia), January 2015

“If you want to learn how to teach and practice doing it, TAKE THIS COURSE! I can’t even begin to say how valuable getting this education/practice has been to starting out as a new teacher.”
Shelby Engel (USA), January 2015


“My experience with TEFL International Barcelona has been incredible.  I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about teaching English abroad.  The staff was very helpful and they made the class fun and informative.  The teaching experience you get from this program was invaluable.  You teach real students so you learn the kinds of questions you will be asked when you are working as an English teacher.  Also, the career guidance counsellor was very helpful.  I had a job lined up before I finished the program.”  
Siobhan Hayes (USA), January 2015

“I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course because I had fun while learning. Teachers are very friendly and helpful.”
Laura de Zuloaga (Spain-UK), January 2015

“The TEFL Barcelona is great stuff, a lot of support, planned & structured lessons. In-class real life experiences. Good location. Great vibrant city. Pretty much guaranteed certificate if you follow all teachers advice. Carreer advisor & variety of people from all over the world.”
Anna Davis (UK), January 2015

November 2014

“I would highly recommend the course to prospective students. TEFL Barcelona provides a great environment for a one month intensive course. You get to live in a vibrant city and the course is not only informative, you get lots of real-life teaching experience. You feel comfortable when leaving the course to begin your teaching career.”
Brock Ketterling (USA), November 2014

“I would like to recommend the TEFL Barcelona course to the prospective students, because this course is designed by professionals. The teachers are very co-operative and motivative. I am much more confident than before I joined the course. I think if anybody wants to make a career as an English teacher, this is the best course in Barcelona.”
Minku Grang (India), December 2014

“I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona due to its concentrating-teaching manner while incorporating humor and positive attitudes (important for me). Thorough coverage of materials and concepts and good emphasis on immediate teaching experience.”
Catherine Salsbury (UK), November 2014

“I would definitely recommend TEFL Barcelona. Class was engaging and helpful, and the teachers were great. They were always willing to help and were interested in making us better teachers. I learned more about the English language in one month than in 18 years of school.”
Spencer Mann (USA), November 2014

“The course is amazing. It is very useful, engaging and motivating. I would strongly recommend it. The best of the course… the teachers… they are lovely. Thanks!!!!!!”
Alicia Fayos Francés (Spain), November 2014

“I would recommend the course. I have learned a lot about the English language and I feel prepared to teach. I had a really good time and met some great people. Overall, it’s been a great experience.”
Edward Tolson (UK), November 2014

“TEFL Barcelona was a a wonderful experience. The course was thorough and very intense. The teachers were amazing and the way the course was spread out over the four weeks made learning an easy and enjoyable experience. Highly recommend this course!”
Fabienne M. Martial (Mauritania), November 2014


“I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. The content is good and the teachers supportive and helpful.”
Tomhas Park (UK), November 2014

“I would recommend the course from TEFL Barcelona. Not only do they provide you with the foundations for a potential career in just one month, the skill-set learnt on this course can aid a number of professions. To prospective students, I’d say that they should immerse themselves as much as possible.”
Conor Ryan (Irland), November 2014

October 2014

“A month before the course started I was not sure if it was a scam, if I would enjoy it, or if it would be of any use to me in the future. 
When the course ended, I realized that if you put enough effort into this and do it right, it presents you with unlimited options.
Not too long ago, traveling around the world seemed like a pipe-dream. Now, with this qualification, it is a reality and years from now it can even be used as a backup plan if I can’t find anything else to do with my life.
With regards to the program itself, TEFL International Barcelona teaches you what to teach, teaches you how to teach, and numerous opportunities to teach all in the space of 4 weeks. And if the teaching doesn’t work out for you, it’s still a great holiday. Great staff. Great setup. Great city. Beautiful women. What are you waiting for?”
Shane McKenna (USA), October 2014

“This was such a worthwhile experience for me and I would recommend the course to anyone. The teachers were really friendly, so supportive and take you through learning in a fun and interactive way. The great thing about the course is that you get so much first-hand teaching experience which starts within the first week. I always felt fully prepared for lessons with great guidance from the teachers. I have made so many good friends, gained some incredible memories and have achieved all of this whilst living in the incredible city that is Barcelona. Although I’ve had to move back home, I know pretty much all of my friends on the course have been offered jobs in academies or already have a schedule of private lessons which was greatly helped by the job guidance we received on the course. I will definitely be back to live and teach in Barcelona at some point in the near future!”
Sophie Gerlach (UK), October 2014
gerlach_s AT hotmail.co.uk

“My experience with TEFL Barcelona was excellent, and I fully recommend the course to anyone who is considering teaching English. The course is very well-balanced between instruction and teaching practice: by the time our course was over, I don’t think there was anyone left wanting more practice teaching. Rather, we all felt fully prepared and were itching to be cut loose and teach our own classes. Also, perhaps one of the best things about the course is variety in teaching styles found in the instructors. All the instructors were very skilled and able to build excellent rapport with their classes, but they did this in distinctly different styles. Finally, while the course did require quite a bit of work, there was plenty of time to experience Barcelona and the surrounding area.”
Andrew Primavera (Canada), October 2014

September 2014

This review is coming from someone who has taught in a community college for 40 years:

“After doing my online research to select the organization to study and earn my certificate to teach English to non native English speakers, I selected TEFL International Barcelona in Spain.  I was very impressed with all of their internet information provided.  TEFL International Barcelona lives up to much more of what they publicize.  I had the option to study for my certificate anywhere in the United States but I knew that studying at home would be very boring, and I would be impacted with routine interruptions, distractions and business as usual at home.  Studying abroad, you break away from that.

However, studying in a foreign country is a positive, unique experience because you get to mingle and indulge yourself in the cultural dynamics of that foreign country.  From their languages, foods, festivities, people, way of transportation, housing, and cultural family customs.  All of this adds to the glamour of studying and living in a foreign country.  Now the best part of my experience was the calibre of the TEFL instructors.  I was extremely impressed with their authoritative knowledge and their command of the subject matter, the high quality of academic standards for all of the lessons covered in their TEFL course.  Being taught by several different instructors with their uniquely different personalities, this created a very positive, fun and enjoyable learning experience that will be life lasting.  I must also praise TEFL International Barcelona on their giving us learners real teaching time with actual native non English speaking students for us to present our mini self developed lesson to.
Overall in its entirety it was an extremely positive life changing experience.”

Countee Troupe (USA), September 2014

August 2014

“The TEFL Barcelona course is hard work, but good fun! Plus, I met some great people!”
Lucy Earing (UK), August 2014

“TEFL Barcelona has amazing instructors and prepares you to teach new language learners in a real and practical way. Thank you!”
Rachel Anderson (USA), August 2014

Work testimonials 2013 and 2012

“Hi Erwin
After completing the TEFL course, I moved to Madrid to work. I applied for an appointment to obtain my NIE straight away which really helped when applying for work. For some jobs, they will carry out a formal interview, other places will just be happy to have people to fill in their busy work demands. There is ample work in Madrid so you can afford to be picky. With the current economic situation, people want to learn English and move abroad. I am working for a teaching provider that is also a publishing company, so they print a monthly magazine which acts as the ´textbook´ for my students; the most interesting and relevant text I´ve ever used. Most of my students are with an international television company. They also offer me block hours which means I don´t spend too much time travelling. My pay ranges from €13 per hour to €17 per hour depending on location etc. My block hours offer less than the lessons that involve me needing to travel. I´m teaching about 23 hours a week which gives me enough money to escape on the weekends, eat out, live comfortably and save. I have weekends and evenings free because most of my classes are company classes. I have been working in education for 4 years and I can honestly say that I am the happiest I´ve been!
Rick Fan (UK), August 2013

“Hey Erwin!
How are you? It’s good to hear from you! I’m doing great! I’m teaching A LOT and I’m really happy about it. I’ve always felt really thankful to you and the teachers at TEFL because if it hadn’t been for the course I wouldn’t have discovered my passion 🙂 I had an amazing time there, I always told Jamie and Lisa that I learned a lot from them, and also from Jane and Suzanne. I will be grateful forever! Actually, I found your career guidance very helpful, I believe Michael does a great job. I emailed the list of schools that he provided and made the changes he suggested in my CV and I got several calls within 3-4 days. Within 10 days I had a job at a School in Terrassa, called Salt Idiomes. I worked there from February to September, non-stop, intensive summer courses included. Now I’m working at a School in Cerdanyola called Yes Si Language Centre. I teach English there to children, teenagers, and adults, basically all ages and all levels.
In Salt idiomes, I taught (only adults) Intensive conversation courses (3h per day, Mon Wed Fri, upper interm.), intensive summer courses (3h per day Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu upper interm.) and I also taught intensive courses (3h Mon, Wed, Fri) to pre-intermediate and intermediate sts. In general the pay is ok, 15 euros per hour is what I’ve been making at these places. I can’t complain. Moreover, I have been using the websites that Michael provided to find private lessons and I have been teaching both Spanish and English from the advertisements I put there. At the moment, aside from working at the school I mentioned before I am also doing a masters degree programme in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. You guys really changed my life! haha 🙂
In my experience, there is MUCH MORE work in the schools outside/near Barcelona than the in the city. All the calls I got were from schools outside the city, but I guess that is normal, too many teachers in the city!
Best Wishes and please send hugs to Jamie and Lisa 🙂
Danae Lebrero (Spain), January 2013

“After I finished my TEFL course I moved outside of Barcelona centre and came to live in Sitges. I was a little worried as I have never taught before, so was not sure how easy it would be to find a job. However, I had a lot of interest and went to numerous interviews and ended up having to turn down jobs. I started working in an academy with children and private classes getting paid 15 Euros an hour. It was great to gain experience there but the hours weren’t the best having one morning class then a huge break,  then going back to teach at 6 until 9.

I then got asked by another school if I would like to teach for them as they just needed an exam practice class for their teenagers. The hours are less and the pay is more. (20Euro) I really enjoy it and I have my own private students in my own home too! TEFL is a great way to try something new and go somewhere new. I really am glad I did the course as it has opened many more doors for me.
I am now looking at going to Asia to teach for a year over there. The options are endless and once you start to meet people it’s easier to find the work that is more suitable for you.”
Jasmine Sumner (UK), July 2013

“I found out about Tefl by coincidence, and so far it has been the greatest coincidence in my life. The experience is amazing, meeting new people, getting to learn about different cultures and realising that being a teacher brings great joy.
For me, Tefl was the perfect mixture between fun and school. I have learned how to be a teacher while meeting new people and developing relationships. The hardest moment was when I had to teach for the first time in my life, a few days after the course started! I was terrified just to discover that everything I had been taught applied! You are there to do something you already know.
It was never my intention to become an English teacher, but now I have a job as an English teacher and translator, and guess what? I love it.
Thanks to Mike from career guidance, I got a job on the same day I applied for it, 4h/day and a few private classes, just enough to allow me to support myself while discovering all that Spain, and Barcelona in particular, has to offer.”
Poliana Ringheanu (Romania), August 2013

“Not only is TEFL Barcelona an excellent academy to study at, with a friendly atmosphere and great teachers, but it has also helped to prepare me for life as a teacher in Barcelona. Having recently completed the course I have found it easy to find work and I am currently working in an academy, as well as giving private classes around the city. I would most definitely recommend TEFL Barcelona to any prospective teachers!”
Will Barrett (UK), September 2013

“Hi Erwin! Good to hear from you. I’m very well thanks. I’m still loving life in Barcelona and have never once regretted my decision to move there! The TEFL course was a fantastic and invaluable experience which introduced me to new friends and greatly assisted me in finding work after the course. I had no problems finding work – after sending out my CV it didn’t take long before offers started coming in. I am currently working for a language academy in Gracia. I’m working 21 hours a week, teaching a range of ages and levels (including children and in-company classes), and mostly one-to-one or small groups. I also attend Spanish classes there which is great! The last few months have been exhausting getting used to the teaching, but the more experience I gain, the easier and more enjoyable it’s becoming. It helps that all my students are a pleasure to teach as well! I’m currently back in cold wet and windy Scotland for Christmas and, while it’s nice to have a rest and see friends and family, I’m already keen to get back to Barcelona!!”
Dorothy Cassidy (Scotland), September 2013

“Hi Erwin,
After the TEFL course I moved right to Madrid and immediately started my job search in early September. I thought most classes started in September so I was a little discouraged when I wasn’t receiving much feedback. I did, however, get numerous responses inviting me for interviews if I could present working papers, which I unfortunately cannot.

After two weeks and a few interviews, I took a good job with block hours teaching children. The salary would definitely cover all of my living expenses, but it wouldn’t provide much extra for traveling or saving. I decided that I would just have to pinch pennies.
And then, October came. Job offers and interviews flooded my inbox and I got to be picky. I filled my schedule, while keeping Friday through Sunday free, and only agreed to classes that paid well and were in the city center.
Right now, I’m earning over 1,000 Euros per month and only working an enjoyable amount. Most of my hours are spent teaching professors and staff at CUNEF, ColegioUniversitario de EstudiosFinancieros. I never would have imaganied that I would be teaching college professors! And if I decide I want to take on more classes, I don’t believe I will have any trouble finding more work through my current employers.
For me, LingoBongo.com is where I found the majority of my jobs. And once I had accepted classes with a few different “brokers” and academies, they kept giving more. Although I never paid the 10 Euro fee to have the site send out my resume, I have since met the creator of LingoBongo and discovered it is definitely a good deal and timesaver — but make sure you have a “stand-out” resume.
So, everything is going well for me in Madrid! And I definitely use the methods I learned through TEFL every day.
Hope all is well, Kelsey”
Kelsey Ohleger (USA), August 2013

“Hi Erwin,
I am now working for STP Training, in Viladecans, I work 22hrs a week, pay is 15hr and 18hr for business classes. I have 2 groups of children 4, 2 groups of upper intermediate, 1 FCE student, 3 speaking one on one and 2 business speaking classes. This company offers yearly contracts and I do have benefits- like paid holiday if you have your paperwork. It is a wonderful company and they have great clients, my business classes are with employees from Pepsico and I have worked with Undesa and Bacardi. I work Monday-Thursday in the afternoons, I have classes in the academy as well as inside the business.
The people I work with are great and they have every resource available for us teachers. Also my students are amazing from the little ones to the business ones, they are all dedicated enthusiastic and eager to learn.
I am incredibly thankful for the lessons learned during my course at TEFL and would – and often do- recommend the course to friends and family.
Warm Regards
Lisandra Bayliss (USA/ Spain), September 2013

“Hi there!!
I’m fine, thank u. How r u there?
I came back to my work as an English teacher in the Marine College of the technical fleet. I teach boys from 16 to 18. I liked my job before your course and like it now even more!
Sometimes, I use some of your methodology, but I want to use it more often, but as there is a lot of paper work (unnecessary), I don’t have much opportunity now.
By the way, today I’ve asked my students, for homework, to find songs with verbs in Past Simple and Past Continuous, and they liked this task very much!! In future, I want to implement more of the games that you showed us.
Life in Ukraine is difficult, but my roots are here and that’s why it’s not so easy to change my life here and my job here for something in an unknown and strange country/city..But as I have been to Lisboa this summer and liked it very much, so I decided that if my life hasn’t changed in the next 4 years, I’ll go and live and teach there.”
Katya Chabaniuk (Ukraine), July 2013

“After my TEFL course I started providing private lessons at the small town of Mollerussa. I teach individual lessons and/or two people at the same time. I have a range of students from 10 years old to 36 years old. Usually the young students need to review the work that they do at school and the adult people are preparing the ESOL Cambridge exams.”
Xavier Vidal (Spain), August  2013.

“Hello Erwin,
I am fine and how are you?
TEFL has improved my teaching a lot. I got my certificate at the end of July, and by the end of August I was back teaching in S-P. Normally after a long 3 months vacation it is a little bit difficult, but I was excited finally performing for my dear students, we had great Engages, Studies and Activates, just like I you taught me.ç
TEFL made my lessons more active for students. It taught me how to make a lesson great even if there are more than 6 students (which before was stressful for me).
I am very grateful to all my teachers 🙂
Thank you.”
Viktoriia Surmatch (Russia), July 2013

“Hi Erwin!
I have a lot of private classes, approximately 5-6 hours a day. I work with different ages and now I have children 6-10 years old, teenagers 14-16 years old and adults. Individual classes in Moscow cost 25 -30 Euros per hour (60 mnts). I use a lot of TEFL materials in my lessons. A new approach for grammar explanations and the ideas to engage and activate students were really helpful and useful. I got a lot of new information and all my students are happy to see something new during the classes. Kind regards, Natalia.”
Natalia Tarasova (Russia), July 2013

“When I graduated as a non-native teacher, I was sort of afraid not to get a job. I would say that it is hard to obtain one but it is never impossible. I received a job offer from Turkey and it is the start of my overseas career. The TEFL certificate is what any employer would ask for even before your degree. The job offer was very interesting regarding the working hours, the pay, the contract conditions, holidays and levels to teach. I accepted the job and flew to the land of Ottoman Turks.
I have taught adults and teenager but in Istanbul I had the chance to teach young learns of six years old. I won’t deny the hardships I had at the beginning but recapitulating the TEFL training techniques and put them into practice was rewarding. The training effect will always be there on you. I can now narrow my interests and focus on the Early Childhood Education. The future hides a lot of surprises but we make them. I would thank constantly my teachers from TEFL Barcelona for their informative and instructive training. They are always there for us whenever we needed guidance. By choosing this Center you would not only gain a certificate and experience  but a great friendship of TEFL teachers.”
Afaf Saoudi (Algeria), August  2013

“Dear Erwin,
After I did my TEFL course in Barcelona and added it to my CV, I got a highly-paid job offer from Kuwait. But I already have a job in my country, so I decided to stay in my current job. This year my success in my classes has been realized both by my colleagues and students. I used TEFL techniques, such as using stories, games, videos…etc in my classrooms and they worked very well. Last week, at our Christmas Party in one of my classes they gave me ‘The Best Teacher of the Year’ Oscar as a present 🙂 I am grateful to all my TEFL teachers and thank them for everything.
Best Wishes and Happy New Year Erwin!”
Ozlem Karakus, ( Turkey ), August course 2013

May-June – October 2012

I would definitely recommend the course. Depending of what you choose to do with the course it can be life changing. It is a great experience and opportunity to meet new people. I would say to prospective students who may have been out of education for a long time, that the course is challenging but very rewarding.

Lauren Turner, October 2012, British

I would recommend TEFL Barcelona for its professional yet friendly approach. It has a central location and the city centre is accessible.

Alex Appleton, October 2012, British

I would really recommend the course! I was very impressed with the environment, very professional! Both of our teachers seemed like they were very genuine about teaching and not just doing it for the money. I would tell prospective students to do it!

Liam Garcia-Hardman, October 2012, Australian

I would certainly recommend Tefl Barcelona to prospective students and already have done so. I have had a highly engaging and enjoyable month.

Sam Finney, September 2012, British

I would recommend the course because it was a great experience, I learned a lot and it helped me to get a job quickly.

Giovanni Quartana, September 2012, Italian

It’s been a great course. I got to learn a lot about teaching techniques, lesson planning, fun games and many other things which I’m sure that are going to help me on my future classes.

Laia Fanlo, September 2012, Spanish

I would definitely recommend the course! The material learned inside this classroom is the foundation for good teaching. The trainers are fantastic teachers and I’m so thankful for the challenge & experience. I took a chance on quitting my job and moving across the globe and I’m so glad I did. I learned so much in this course and hope to stay in touch with everyone! 

Claudia Reissing, September 2012, American-German

I would recommend the course because: A) I think it’s really complete and practice is amazing. B) The teachers show interest and they are close you. C) You have job guidance which is important. D) They have different techniques and they are all effective. E) The program is well selected, and you learn a lot teaching.

Ana De Arce, September 2012, Spanish

I would say it is worth it. You get to learn about teaching techniques, classroom management, how to be a teacher AND a student. You start getting teaching experience since the second day of class. I would totally recommend the course.

Eduardo Lepervanche, September 2012, Venezuelan

Don’t think twice! This course taught me more about teaching English and about myself than all of my studies put together. It is intensively enjoyable! And it has such memorable techniques of passing on skills! Both our trainers were helpful, patient, gifted teachers to look up to. All this and the beauty that is Barcelona will make me miss this one year course that helped me grow.

Mara Ambrosie, August 2012, Romanian

It’s an excellent course. A very worthwhile investment, if you are serious about teaching English. Very intensive, long days, demanding assignments that are designed to help you integrate all that you are taught. Focus is on providing you with the tools to go out there into the real world of TEFL, prepared and equipped, ready to teach. The rest is up to you! Native English speakers who have not actively studied grammar will be challenged. A lot of study in this area is recommended.

Nick Alexander, August 2012, British

I would recommend this course to any student who wants or needs a certificate to teach English. However, a certificate is not always necessary as long as the teacher knows how to teach and knows and speaks the language well enough. I would tell prospective students that this course is extremely useful in terms of course content. You do learn how to teach.

Nuria Domene, August 2012, Spanish

I definitely would recommend this course, and I’d tell prospective students to expect an intensive experience with learning and teaching from the first day.

Bruno Haynes, August 2012, British

This course has taught me so much. I have had a really good time. I would definitely recommend the course to other people. The trainers are fantastic teachers who have both been very supportive and helpful and I am going to be really sad when I go home. The school is in a great location which is also very beneficial, and the course content was really interesting and the lessons very enjoyable.

Domi Preston, August 2012, British

I would give the highest recommendation for the TEFL Barcelona course with no hesitations at all. The classroom environment is inviting and understanding and the school’s location is unbeatable. Long days filled with great instructors, innovative learning techniques, and real life experiences in teaching are only made better by coffee breaks on the enchanting terrace.

Symone Lucero, August 2012, American

I would recommend this course, since, for people who never had any experience with teaching, it gives you a great feeling and hands-on learning of the techniques. The teachers are very good, and very friendly. Definitely worth it!

Margarita Chichyan, August 2012, American

I would recommend the course to others because the teaching is thorough and enthusiastic. It is hard work, and I was glad to finish for this reason, but all in all it was a very positive experience for me and I enjoyed going to the school every day.

Sarah Munnion, June-July 2012, British

I would definitely recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. Although it is a rather intense four weeks requiring quite a high level of dedication, it’s well worth it for your personal development as a teacher. It’s well presented, studied and offers much teaching practice and support.

Deborah Kerr, June-July 2012, Scottish

If you are interested in teaching English, I really recommend Tefl Barcelona. They give you a chance for using your knowledge, which is gained from input session, within teaching practice. It is quite extensive but you will gain precious experience at the end of it and its location is perfect, very central. Teachers are also very helpful and very nice.

Buse Erginal, June-July 2012, Turkish

I would most certainly recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. It gives you an excellent insight into teaching English to foreign students and prepares you in all aspects to be able to give classes. The content of the course is extensive and the support and help from the tutors invaluable.

Louise Bond, May-June 2012, British

I would highly recommend this course as you get an understanding of how English grammar works. It’s a qualification you can take around the world with you and you get well paid as a teacher. Me as a native English speaker, I didn’t know or understand the English Grammar and now after 4 weeks I have a good understanding of it and feel more than comfortable in teaching.

Tom Rix, May-June 2012, British

I really recommend this course. It is a very nice way to introduce you to the profession of teaching. Teaching is something that’s more difficult than it seems at first sight. TEFL Barcelona not only teaches this, but also a huge amount of techniques and skills that you put to a test in real classes.

Marc Oliveras, May-June 2012, Spanish

If you want comprehensive training to be prepared to teach… and you want a great tool kit to choose from… come to TEFL Barcelona.

Evan Schweitzer, May-June 2012, American

I would tell future students that the course is perfect to put you to level, and learn the necessary techniques for teaching.

James Parker, May-June 2012, Spanish

I would definitely recommend the course to other people! A very intensive course but necessary for becoming a teacher in only 4 weeks. Good inputs, teaching practice from the beginning and lots of useful information given about working in teaching.

Cecilie Wormdahl, May-June 2012, Norwegian

October-November 2011 – April-May 2012  

I would definitely recommend the Tefl course to someone who has a good English level, some teaching practice or a clear will to become an English teacher. You have to be ready for a very intensive course that provides all the tools and good starting practices but have the strength to work hard after too.

Roger Guitart, April-May 2012, Spanish

I would recommend the course, it’s a great training!

Fabio Ferri, April-May 2012, Italian

I would definitely recommend this course, I’ve had a lot of fun and experience teaching compared to other courses. I would tell prospective workers to be prepared to work hard inside and out the course.

Sarah Dempsey, April-May 2012, British

I am really happy of having done the course. I recommend it to other students because you learn a lot, also the classes are enjoyable and we learn with dynamic activities, so sometimes learning is fun. You have the opportunity to teach adults and teach your way.

Eva Peña, March 2012, Spanish

I would definitely recommend Tefl Barcelona. The course was intensive but not overwhelming, good tutors and lots of teaching which I feel has adequately prepared me for the classroom.

Chris Stevens, March 2012, British

I would certainly recommend the course, it’s well thought out, likeable and with enthusiastic teachers.

Richard Wells, March 2012, British

I would recommend the course because we learned a lot but it wasn’t so difficult that I was stressed out. It has way more teaching hours than other courses I looked at. I had a good experience and now I’m not nervous to teach my own classes.

Kyle Aker, March 2012, American

I would recommend Tefl Barcelona. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. The course is intensive but it was fun. I really enjoyed it and felt I learnt a lot from it.

Tanith Waymouth, January 2012, British

The course is a fantastic experience. You learn everything you need in just 4 weeks. You gain a lot of confidence specially standing in front of a class of students. You constantly get taught different activities to bring into your classes. The whole environment is relaxed and everyone is so friendly and you also play the role of a student, which teaches you a lot.

Zenobia Waymouth, January 2012, British

I think it’s a good course, very intensive, I would recommend it to anybody who wants to do it. I learnt and enjoyed a lot, and now I feel prepared to be a teacher in any situation.

Gisela Ràfols, January 2012, Spanish

I would surely recommend the course. I’d describe it as a place where you learn a lot without having the feeling you have to study too much. I don’t mean it’s easy, but you get enough freedom to work comfortably.

Xavier Miret, January 2012, Spanish

I would definitely recommend the course. I am so glad I went through with it and I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this particular school. I feel very prepared to launch my English teaching career! I also trusted the teachers every step of the way and was highly motivated by them and completely converted to their methodology. I am so grateful for their expertise and attention.

Sarah Hopkins, January 2012, American-British

Yes, I would recommend the course. Great one on one attention, the teachers are always available, a small class size. I was pleasantly surprised by how much attention was paid to keeping the students engaged.

Sam Leslie, November-December 2011, American

The course is very intensive but rewarding. Great teachers and entertaining input lessons. Location! (Very good) Be prepared to have work every day, enjoy it. This is your chance to be the teacher you never had.

Julian Berardi, November-December 2011, British-Italian

I would definitely recommend this course to those who want to learn more about teaching styles, methodology and also practice.

Rob Muñoz, November-December 2011, Catalan

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Tefl Barcelona. The college is situated in a great part of town, the stuff and tutors are really approachable and the environment is very comfortable. It takes a lot out of you, but you gain more! A very difficult but ultimately rewarding experience and a great city to be in at the time!

Francesca O’Hare, November-December 2011, British

I enjoyed the four weeks a lot. The course was thoughtfully designed and though unfolding at quite a fast pace, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I would recommend this school for its unique atmosphere, location and stuff, who appear to be genuinely concerned about the progress of the students. I learn a lot in 4 weeks, and always felt supported through the learning process. The assessment feels more like a help for the student than a judgment one needs to be scared of.

Christian Streil, November-December 2011, Irish-German

The course has been intensive, but relaxed. With good time management the course is very achievable, comfortable and fun. You are given all the guidance necessary with fun and entertaining workshops.

Nicholas Clark, November-December 2011, British

I originally thought I was a teacher and a good one, but the course showed me otherwise feeding me the essential information and experience I needed. Indeed a fulfilling and hardworking course that allows me to say that “Yes, I am now a teacher” and realize I wasn’t even close before.

Rachel White, November-December 2011, British

I would highly recommend the Tefl Barcelona course because they train teachers to be a competent and effective English teachers.

Marina Doctama, November-December 2011, Filipina

I would recommend the course, because the content has been excellent (and the teachers!) and the amount of teaching practice was really useful.

Nikki Barwick, Octber-November 2011, British

I would highly recommend the course, as I feel that it prepares each individual to go out and start teaching with all relevant knowledge. It covers all areas of teaching, as well as issues that may arise.

Jennifer Connelly, October-November 2011, Scottish

I would recommend the course as there was a lot of detail and methodology essential for teaching. I would advise students to be prepared and organized as there is a lot of work to cover (intensive).

Joe Perring, October-November 2011, British

I was reluctant about the price of the course at first, but having now completed it, I see it as great value for money. 

John Jackson, October-November 2011, British

I would definitely recommend this course to other people who would like to teach, travel, learn a lot, experience a different country, meet great people, work hard, and then play even harder! I feel like I have learnt a lot from this course and at first I was wary about my ability to teach due to nerves, etc., but now I feel confident in front of a class!

Lois Gibbs, October-November 2011, British

I would recommend it. I feel it prepares you to be a teacher.

Ernie Solis, October-November 2011, American

I would most definitely recommend the course! I felt very comfortable within the first 5 minutes of class. Through this course you are able to meet so many different people, with different experiences. I think you are all very qualified – and have quite a story to tell – which motivates us so much!

Hannah Wickstrom, October-November 2011, American

I would definitely recommend the Tefl Barcelona course, because it has everything you need to become a teacher, the trainers are friendly, the city is great, the students are nice and you will have a great time.

Joe Moynihan, October-November 2011, British

May 2011 – September 2011

Yes, I would recommend this course. I think it is very challenging and a great experience. I learned so much in the course of a month. Also, being thrown into teaching from the first week was semi-terrifying, but it was also one of the best ways in retaining what we were being taught in class.

Amanda Ferro, September 2011, American

This course will change your life. If you want to learn new and interesting things, meet amazing people and gain a huge amount of self-satisfaction whilst doing so then you MUST take this course. Ignore everything you hear about TEFL being really horrible, difficult and stressful. It is what you make it. Our group made it so much fun!

Kelly Page, September 2011, British

I would highly recommend the TEFL Barcelona course as it is very well-organized, has friendly and knowlegable trainers and prepares you well for teaching in the TEFL world (and also teaching in general). To prospective students, the course is demanding and requires a huge degree of focus throughout, but it is highly enjoyable and is definitely worth it.

Brian McGahan, September 2011, Irish

As someone who had already spent one year teaching ESL, I arrived thinking that I may be learning things I already know. However, TEFL Barcelona was a wonderful surprise. I learned new, challenging methods everyday in an incredibly positive environment. The instructors are incredibly brilliant, talented, but most of all, caring people. They make this course stand out from the rest. For prospective students, expect to be challenged, but expect to be well-prepared the first time you set foot in a classroom. Everything is covered in this course.

Michael Maneage, September 2011, American

Yes, the course is intensive but manageable. The teachers are approachable and always willing to help. The city is great. The course content is taught in an engaging manner. I had a great time!

Melissa Kerr, September 2011

I would highly recommend TEFL Barcelona. “Intensive course” is not a misnomer. At the end of the course, you feel like you have a firm grasp on the intensive set of tools needed to teach ESL. It’s a steep learning curve and quite a bit of work, but valuable.

Adrian, September 2011

This course is very comprehensive and taught by brilliant instructors. I haven’t studied for over seven years prior to doing this course and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s intensive and you will need to be prepared to work hard, but it’s worth it.  It is also a very positive and warm environment. A fantastic move, where I learnt more than I imagined and met amazing people.

Anita Renner-Thomas, September 2011, British

I would recommend TEFL Barcelona because I feel that it has prepared me well and all the facilities are good! I have been pleased with the accommodation and the employment guidance. I would suggest that students should be more prepared beforehand for the intensity and advise them to learn more grammar before starting the course.

Kirsty McGuigan, August 2011, British

I would recommend this program to others because I appreciate how flexible it is and it has a very friendly environment. Also, this program taught me a lot of useful techniques to teach students English.

Fajer Al-Qaderi, August 2011, Kuwaiti

If you are looking for something constructive to do during your gap year (ie. the time after university and before grad school), doing this course is a great idea. The staff is friendly and the content is interesting. Plus, you’re a certified English teacher by the end of the course!

Cindy Gonzalez, August 2011, American

I would recommend the TEFL course. It is a crash course so it can be very overwhelming and stressful (especially in a summer month when you just want to be outside), but we covered a lot of material. I didn’t have any experience teaching prior o this so I did better than I had thought when I taught my lessons. I still have a lot to learn, and I will learn through actually teaching, but TEFL has given me a good foundation to grow from.

Rachael Pike, August 2011, American

I would recommend this TEFL course because I feel that it prepares you to be a teacher. I think that the course is also well-respected in Barcelona. The teachers are enthusiastic and maintain this attitude through-out the course, even when we, the students, are stressed and maybe not as active or interested. The course is intense and you should be prepared to work hard.

Tom Mandzuk, August 2011, British

I would highly recommend the TEFL course as the inputs were informative and we had a lot of teaching practice. I have learnt a lot during this course. The trainers were really friendly and great instructors.

Beth Hickling-Moore, August 2011, British

I would recommend this course, and advise others that it is very intense and it is not a holiday.

Josh Levene, August 2011, British

TEFL Barcelona provides an intensive, professional and comprehensive preparation for becoming an English teacher. I was impressed by the experienced instructors, one on one assistance and quality curriculum. I would recommend the course to anyone considering becoming a TEFL teacher.

Jennifer Stead, July 2011, American

TEFL Barcelona is a very good course, which I would recommend without doubt. It is structured to give you a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge whilst equally challenging your ability to critically reflect on your strengths and development areas. Overall, a great experience!

Carola Rabearisoa, July 2011, German

I would definitely recommend TEFL Barcelona. Although there is a lot of work, and at times can be a little stressful, it’s definitely worth it. It’s very interesting, I learned a lot, I even learned some things about myself! You get a lot of support and it’s a lot of fun.

Rebecca Dunn, July 2011, English

Recommend? Yes! Excellent instructors, very good contrast of one another, style-wise. They were very clear with instructions and expectations. The course content was meaningful.

Ben Purer, July 2011, American

I definitely recommend TEFL Barcelona! You will get the tools and practice with reflection on it to get you feeling prepared for the job. For me, it was really valuable that trainers were supportive and caring in their feedback, while fair at the same time. It helped me feel confident during the lessons by the end of the course.

Ekaterina Prokina, July 2011, Russian

Yes, I would recommend TEFL Barcelona! Even if you don’t end up teaching, this is great stuff to know about everything from English grammar to human psychology.

David Mendelsohn, July 2011, American

I would absolutely recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. I feel I have learnt far more than I initially thought I would and am prepared to work as a teacher.

Lucy Court, May-June 2011, British

Yes, I would recommend this because you get to live in Barcelona and the course was very informative. It was good to be thrown in at the deep end, but you learn from what was right and wrong in the early lessons.

Ginny Davidson, May-June 2011, Scottish-British

I would definitely recommend this to others. It is a great course to learn about teaching and it is a great way to meet people with the same interests.

Miriam Mondaca, May-June 2011, Spanish-Australian

 Yes, I would recommend this. It was very good fun and learnt a lot in a relaxed style.

Ben Bridges, May-June 2011, British

 I would highly recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. While this course provides a complete understanding of teaching English, it also analyzes the art of teaching. While I cannot attest to the quality of other TEFL schools, I can assure you that if you want to feel prepared to become a teacher, then TEFL Barcelona (Geoff & Erwin) will accomplish that goal. You won’t be disappointed!

Caleb Wibbenmeyer, May-June 2011, American

I would recommend the course for those who feel they lack proper teaching methodology and who are certain that this investment is right for them. You should take a course of this sort because you truly want to teach English (and not because you invision it to be an easy way to earn money!).

Kathryne Crain, May-June 2011, American

November 2010 – March 2011

This TEFL course is not for everyone. It’s very intense, demanding and stressful. But, in the end, it’s all worth it. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants a rewarding challenge.

Joseph Karman, March – April 2011, American

I would highly recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. My experience here has been very helpful, it is something I will never forget! It was an intense four weeks, at times very challenging, but I had a very enjoyable time. I met some really nice people that I hope to keep in touch with and I learnt a lot of new skills that I know will help me in the future and make me a better teacher! I would like to hugely thank Geoff and Erwin for everything!

Sarah Morahan, March – April 2011, British

After getting so much out of doing the TEFL course and enjoying every moment of it, I would without hesitation recommend this course. I would tell prospective students that in this four week course, you will come away with more things than you could imagine.

Hannah Morahan, March – April 2011, British

Yes, I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course because of the course content and the nice atmosphere. It was great that we started teaching already on the second day. I would tell prospective students that they have to be prepared to do it, since it is such a hard (but in a good way) course.

Ingrid Sempere Torres, March – April 2011, Spanish

I would recommend the course to another person because I have learned so much. The classes were interesting and you could tell there was a lot of thought put into the plans and how to spice them up a bit. Lots of support from teachers. Good working environment, very exhausting, but all working time was purposeful.

Amanda Haynes, February 2011, American

I would recommend the course because it prepares you well for teaching English and at the end, that is what really matters.

Mark Doherty, February 2011, Irish

All the support needed to guide us through an intense and demanding course. It was focused and enjoyable.

David Evans, February 2011, British

The course is well planned and structured. You need to come prepared to work very hard. The teachers are excellent.

Frank Lane, February 2011, British

I would definitely recommend this course! In four weeks, we managed to learn the ins and outs of becoming an English teacher and even put ourselves in the situation. I was an intense four weeks, but I had a great time, learned so much, re-learned all of the grammar rules and met a group of wonderful people.

Aubrey Feijoo, February 2011, American

I would recommend this course to prospective students. It’s located in a wonderful part of Barcelona and has the support and resources of the language school in the building. The trainers are supportive and genuine. I feel that I received great training and experience as a whole in choosing this program.

Theresa Manning, February 2011, American

I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course as it puts you in the driving seat straight away. You learn an incredible amount of information through the course which not only gives you a certificate but the confidence and ability to walk into your next class!

Richard Stuart-Campbell, January 2011, British

Yes, I would recommend TEFL Barcelona. You meet great people and from day one you are already teaching students. Everyday you learn something new in the morning and you can put it into practice that afternoon and you hands-on practice.

Simone Dyson, January 2011, American

I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course, even though it is very intensive, I have learned a lot. Barcelona is a fantastic city and I couldn’t imagine a better location to do the course!

Jade Zarah, January 2011, British

I would definitely recommend TEFL Barcelona. You learn a lot in a short amount of time and in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. It’s stressful at times but the relaxed teaching style balances out the worries with lesson planning. The teachers are very accessible and jolly! Good job!

Amy Sue Bennett, January 2011, British

I would certainly recommend it! I have learnt more about teaching during those four weeks than I did during my four years in University. I think the content of the course was very well designed and thought through.

Marija Jurisic, January 2011, Serbian

Yes, I would 100% recommend the TEFL Barcelona course to anyone interested in teaching English abroad. I have had the best experience this past month. I’ve met amazing people from all over the world, learned a lot and I will never forget this experience. I was definitely nervous before starting this course, but it was phenomenal. Anyone considering TEFL Barcelona should do it!

Caitlin Fogarty, January 2011, American

I would definitely recommend the course to prospective students. It has been an intense but very satisfying experience. The balance of theory and practice has been well prepared. The opportunity to be able to teach in real situations and the quantity of hours of teaching. We have had a range of trainers which has been ideal in order to see first-hand the different teaching styles and techniques. 

Sarah Panitzke, November – December 2010, British

Yes, definitely. Overall, I found the course very rewarding and I feel I’ve learnt so much. I feel prepared and equipped for TEFL teaching after completing the course. I was very impressed by the trainers. They gave us a lot of time and attention. I also like the overall personal feel of the school. I am glad I didn’t choose a larger language school.

Marie Flaherty, November – December 2010, Irish

The TEFL Barcelona course was intensive but very complete. There was a good balance of theoretical instruction and teaching practice. It was a real ‘hands-on’ experience to equip all potential teachers.

Anthony Jenkins, November – December 2010, British

It’s a great opportunity if you want to enter the teaching world. You get to meet new people and the atmosphere is great. It’s intense and challenging but very worth it!

Gemma Colomar Axup, November – December 2010, Spanish/British

For those who are interested in teaching English or want to improve their teaching skills, TEFL is a great opportunity. It’s a very challenging course but at the end, if you really put yourself to it, it is very worth the effort. The TEFL Barcelona course gives you a lot of tools that you will later work with during your teaching lessons and also helps you build confidence to become a successful teacher.

Carolina Gomes, November – December 2010, Venezuelan/Portuguese

I would love to recommend TEFL Barcelona to everyone who is interested in teaching English. The course gives you everything to prepare you for a start in a teaching career. It’s very intensive, but when it’s all over, it’s worth it! It’s fun to meet new people and you are studying in a beautiful city as well. Apply now!!

Malin Frostfalk, November – December 2010, Swedish

The course has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. In fact, I would love to do it again!! I’m amazed at how in four weeks, through the teaching/training I have received, that I have progressed and learnt so much. The different teaching styles and personalities of the trainers ensures a good balance and I appreciate having the chance to see ‘different’ teachers in action.

Loretta Lacour, November – December 2010, British


May 2010 – November 2010

“I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course. It’s an intense course and I’ve learned a huge amount of things as far as teaching is concerned. It’s tiring but fun and there is a really nice atmosphere in the classroom and in the school. Not only have I learnt a lot of things, I have also met amazing people. That adds something more to this nice adventure.”
Victoria Suter, October-November 2010, French

“The course was a comprehensive way to learn how to be an effective teacher. I would recommend TEFL Barcelona to others because it was fun and informative at a doable pace. If you are looking to be an English teacher in Barcelona, look no further! This is the best!”
Jennet Littles, October-November 2010, American

“It was very rewarding and I learned to look at teaching in a much more active and positive way. It is pretty intensive time-wise, but intellectually easy to cover in a month.”
Lisawesta von Truchsess, October-November 2010, German

“I would recommend this course to everyone back at home. It was an amazing experience and taught me lots of interesting and new things about myself.”
Jason Ramos, October-November 2010, American

“I would definitely recommend the TEFL course, as there are not many people who know about it and would find it very interesting and, at the same time, useful. For example, I study dance and at the same time, I have an opportunity to teach.”
Justine Pool, October-November 2010, Dutch

“I would recommend the Barcelona course because I really enjoyed it. I left school at 16 and haven’t studied since. I was quite nervous about the course, however it was a great experience. I met some lovely people, the trainers are great and give good support. I do feel like I could get a job in TEFL now.”
Connie Moore, October-November 2010, British

“Not only does TEFL Barcelona offer important skills for teaching English, but it tells you about how you can use your individual strengths to your advantage when teaching. You really learn a lot about yourself, the way you think and overcome challenges, and how well you work with other people. It has been a truly eye opening and rewarding experience.”
Josh Parker, October-November 2010, British

“TEFL Barcelona is amazing. I decided that I needed to change my everyday routine and challenge myself. TEFL Barcelona gives you the challenge you have been seeking. TEFL Barcelona offers a wonderful environment full of education, teaching techniques, and also teaches you about yourself. The trainers and job guidance counselors give you all the tools you would need to teach English. Signing up and completing this course is the best thing I have ever done.”
Devan Critchlow, October-November 2010,American

“I would recommend the TEFL Barcelona course because we got some hands on experience with teaching English. The instructors were very knowledgeable and really cared about what we as students were getting out of the course. I had a lot of fun and learned a ton, not only about grammar and teaching, but quite a bit about myself. I will surely look back on my time in Barcelona during the TEFL course with fond memories!”
Kaeley Morton, October-November 2010, American

“The course is quite intense, but the education gained is priceless. It’s very informative and extremely practical. I definitely recommend the course to students who are serious about teaching.”
TEFL course graduate, September 2010

“The TEFL Barcelona course is an excellent and thorough course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the TEFL. The instructors were extremely helpful and attentive. The class size was small enough to give each student individual guidance. It was amazing to see what aspects of my personality I can bring to my teaching and what habits to focus on and change. The terminology and lessons helped focus in on specific aspects of teaching that served as ladder rungs for becoming a better teacher. Thanks to you both, Erwin and Geoff!”
Erin Scolaro, September 2010, American

“I would definitely recommend the TEFL Barcelona course because the teachers really give you the skills to be a successful teacher. The lessons taught to us were wel