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A thorough TEFL programme

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Job guidance

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During and after the TEFL course


Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle

of a cultural capital 

during your TEFL training

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We provide first-class TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher training in one of Europe’s most vibrant and popular cities.

Based in three great locations near the centre of Barcelona, we offer friendly, dynamic and professional environments in which to obtain the TEFL qualification of your choice.

We are not a TEFL “production line”. At TEFL Barcelona we are committed to our students, providing quality TEFL job guidance for Spain and abroad during the course, and giving ongoing career support for as long as it is needed.

For a quick overview, please take a look at our student video (below)

Special autumn offer! 

Enjoy Barcelona’s cultural activities – as well as our beaches and the proximity of the mountains – while getting a qualification which will allow you to travel the world!

Book your 120 hour TEFL course by 31st December and get a 150€ discount.

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What TEFL Barcelona provides

Train in Barcelona, teach English all over the world!

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At TEFL Barcelona, we guide you step by step, from applying for a student visa, should you require one, to enrollment in the course that best suits you, to choosing the best teaching jobs, and beyond! 

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Our TEFL / TESOL courses

The courses are designed entirely around our students; we keep class sizes small so that tuition is as personal as possible and all students receive as much help and assistance as they might need. Students are encouraged to adopt their own style of TEFL teaching and are given ample class time during the course in which to practice and develop.


Employer testimonials

Carmen Cidoncha, Head of Studies - BCN Languages

“As a Head of Studies at BCN Languages, I would like to state that TEFL Barcelona graduates show a great level of skill and professionalism.

In fact, TEFL Barcelona provides our School with a reliable source of new and qualified teachers: not only for their ability to be versatile in preparation but for their well-planned and intentional methods of teaching.” 

Jodie Sclare - GetEnglish

“I have been working with TEFL Barcelona for some time now and often employ recently qualified trainees from their TEFL programme.

I have found their trainees to be reliable, enthusiastic and well prepared for the teaching positions I have to offer.

Deborah G. Watson Flindall - Complementos SL

“I would say that a very high percentage of the candidates from TEFL Barcelona came over very well in the interviews.

In general, your graduates do compare well with those of other courses, and for us, this is a guarantee of professional training. You’re doing a fine job!

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with our TEFL adviser!

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Experiences, advice, and much, much more, to help you prepare for your TEFL training in Barcelona

An Englishman in Turkey

What am I doing here? Surrounded by TV lights, an enthusiastic crowd of shoppers and TV cameras, I am face to face with a friendly African presenter who is introducing the next episode of ‘Yabanci Akşam’ (Foreigner’s evening). I am a newly qualified English teacher,...

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From Korea to TEFL Barcelona

From Korea to TEFL Barcelona  When I first enrolled at TEFL Barcelona, I’d already finished one year of teaching English in South Korea, in Suwon. I was twenty-three, and I really thought I knew a lot about teaching. My main reason for going was simply to see Spain....

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Work & Travel as a Native English Teacher

I’ve done the whole backpacking thing and don’t get me wrong, it was great! But working in a pub to save up the money to go and enjoy the escapism of backpacking, only to go back home and work a job I don’t like, and then repeat the cycle wasn't something I could...

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Teaching English as a non-native speaker

A CHANGE IN MY LIFE When I started teaching English as a non-native speaker, I had been working as an accountant for many years. In fact, I have a degree in business management because when I had to decide my future at high school before going to university, I did not...

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The Cost of Living in Spain vs UK

Year after year Spain continues to rank as the most popular country for British expats to move to. Why? Because the cost of living in Spain is simply much cheaper than the UK.  Whether you are planning to stay here a year or two, or perhaps settle, Spain is a very...

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A year Abroad in Barcelona

When it comes to most decisions, I like to be organized and well informed; it allows me to approach the situation feeling safe and confident. When I decided to sign up for a TEFL course and commit myself to a year abroad in Barcelona, there was only so much I could...

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Tips on Classroom Management

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to write an article regarding tips on classroom management for this blog. It’s often still a huge problem even for experienced teachers to deal with the question of discipline in the classroom, and I can imagine how shocked the...

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