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We provide first-class TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher training in one of Europe’s most vibrant and popular cities.

Based in two great locations near the centre of Barcelona, we offer a friendly, dynamic and professional environment in which to obtain your TEFL qualification.

We are not a TEFL “production line”. At TEFL Barcelona we are committed to our students, providing quality TEFL job guidance for Spain and abroad during the course, and giving ongoing career support for as long as it is needed.

For a quick overview, please take a look at our student video (below)

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Enjoy Barcelona’s cultural activities – as well as our beaches and the proximity of the mountains – while getting a qualification which will allow you to travel the world!

Book your course 6 weeks in advance and get a 150€ discount.

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What TEFL Barcelona provides

Student visa support service

If you are a non-EU citizen, a student visa will make it possible for you to work legally in Spain.

Our experienced staff will provide you with expert support at each stage of the process. We offer you a variety of affordable courses with which to obtain your student visa. Attending one of these courses will allow you to work legally 20 hours a week in Spain, whilst also being able to travel freely in Europe.

Accommodation help

We are happy to arrange accommodation in Barcelona for our TEFL trainees. Our accommodation page has a list of available options.

Train in Barcelona, teach English all over the world!

Contact us now to begin your application

At TEFL Barcelona, we guide you step by step, from applying for a student visa, should you require it, to enrollment in the course that best suits you, to choosing the best teaching jobs, and beyond! 

Or read on to discover some of our graduates’ experiences.

Our TEFL / TESOL courses

The courses are designed entirely around our students; we keep class sizes small so that tuition is as personal as possible and all students receive as much help and assistance as they might need. Students are encouraged to adopt their own style of TEFL teaching and are given ample class time during the course in which to practice and develop.

Lifetime Job Guidance

We offer a full job guidance service during and after the course for as long as you may need it.

It is estimated that currently, over 1.5 billion people in the world are learning English. This means that the demand for English teachers worldwide is at an all-time high and there is a huge variety of destinations to choose from.

Most of our graduates find jobs within 1-2 weeks after completing the TEFL course, or sometimes even before finishing the course !

Our job guidance experts will assist you in the process of searching for and applying for the teaching job that best fits you, whether it be here in Barcelona, in other cities in Spain or worldwide.

Internationally Recognised Certificates

When choosing a TEFL/TESOL course it is important to make sure that the course you are considering is accredited and moderated by an external party to ensure that you will receive the highest standard of training and facilities.

The TQUK Certification

In the case of our ITA courses, the curriculum has been externally monitored and approved by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), an officially recognized Awarding Organization that is regulated by OfqualOfqual is the British Government body responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards in the United Kingdom, recognized as a leader in providing vocational and professional qualifications to colleges and private training providers.

The TEFL International Certificate

The TEFL International course is externally moderated once a year by the TESOL Department of Fort Hays State University. Additionally, the course is externally moderated on a monthly basis by a local board led by Brian Tomlinson, Head of the Post-Graduate, Research and Consultancy Unit at the School of Languages at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.

Employer testimonials

Carmen Cidoncha, Head of Studies - BCN Languages

“As a Head of Studies at BCN Languages, I would like to state that TEFL Barcelona graduates show a great level of skill and professionalism.

In fact, TEFL Barcelona provides our School with a reliable source of new and qualified teachers: not only for their ability to be versatile in preparation but for their well-planned and intentional methods of teaching.” 

Jodie Sclare - GetEnglish

“I have been working with TEFL Barcelona for some time now and often employ recently qualified trainees from their TEFL programme.

I have found their trainees to be reliable, enthusiastic and well prepared for the teaching positions I have to offer.

Deborah G. Watson Flindall - Complementos SL

“I would say that a very high percentage of the candidates from TEFL Barcelona came over very well in the interviews.

In general, your graduates do compare well with those of other courses, and for us, this is a guarantee of professional training. You’re doing a fine job!

Experiences, advice, and much, much more, to help you prepare for your TEFL training in Barcelona

Teaching in Barcelona

C?t?lina Frâncu

“I had no degree, no work experience and I truly believed I had no skill to sell. So, I continued scrolling down on Facebook as I do when my illusions are shattered, and I saw the only sponsored add that had something to say to me: “Get TEFL certified & teach English?”.

I clicked and there it was: the answer to my concern – a degree that would give me the means to work abroad in a field I was passionate about – languages.”

R E A D  M O R E

What to expect from a TEFL Barcelona course

Katie Ewles

“Before I delve into the many ways this venture can be an amazing personal learning experience, I think it is important that I cover some of the basics of what you should expect from the TEFL course itself! The course is extremely thorough, and you can expect to gain all the skills, initial experience, employment advice/support), that you would need to successfully find, and sustain work in the English-teaching sector”.

R E A D  M O R E

My Barcelona Adventure

Hollie Brader 

“After living and working in London for six years, never really finding a job that stuck and spending all the money I earned to cover my extortionate monthly rent, I looked upon my friends that travelled with envy and realised that I wanted to do something similar. Knowing that I didn’t have enough savings to wander the earth without a job, I started looking into ways that I could earn money abroad while also being able to travel and see new places.”

R E A D  M O R E

Teaching in Myanmar

Katia Davis

“After teaching English in South Korea and China, I had a change of pace in Turkey. By the end of my two years there, I ached to return to Asia. I missed incense and Buddha’s kind eyes smiling down at me when I visited temples. I missed the rice paddies that roll on for miles. I also really missed the sweet faces of the gentle children I’d taught.”

R E A D  M O R E

Hong Kong

Erin Docherty

“They taught me that teaching internationally will be good to you, but the flip-side of that is professionalism and respect for your work.

I learned the importance of thoughtful preparation, time-keeping, open-mindedness and not missing a chance to let the students do the talking. ”

R E A D  M O R E

Peculiarities and challenges of teaching in Kazakhstan

?????? ????????????

“There is a surprise waiting for a foreign teacher, who comes to the class for the first time. It is quite a pleasant one – in our country students stand up to greet the teacher.  Besides the sign of respect, it helps students to “switch their brains” from the previous activity or conversations and focus on the subject.”

R E A D  M O R E

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