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Teach English Legally in Barcelona, Spain with Our Student Visa Programs
Ideal for Americans and Other Non-EU Citizens

Study to become a certified English teacher with TEFL Barcelona and benefit from our Spain Student Visa services at no extra cost.

TEFL Accreditation and Student Visa Application Assistance

student visas along with a TESOL a teacher training qualification are an excellent way for American and other non-UE citizens to work and study in spain

At TEFL Barcelona we’re passionate about helping Americans and other non-EU citizens obtain the Spanish Student Visa and find legal work as English teachers in beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

We offer a variety of certified TEFL/TESOL Certificate courses paired with professional support and guidance on all aspects of applying for a Spanish Student Visa in Barcelona.

Our courses are available from as little as little as €120 per month and will allow you to apply for the Spanish Student Visa work permit, so you can work and live legally in Barcelona.

Want to Explore Europe During Your Time in Spain?

The Spanish Student Visa allows for unrestricted travel throughout Europe and anywhere else in the world for the duration of the 12 month period.

This enables you to truly make the most of your time in Europe and fly home as often as you wish for visits.

Spain student visas along with a TESOL a teacher training qualification are an excellent way for American and other non-UE citizens to work and study in spain

About Studying & Working in Barcelona, Spain
Spanish Student Visas & Work Permits

The Spanish Student Visa program allows Americans and other non-EU citizens to legally live, study and work in Barcelona and other parts of Spain.

Once you have obtained your Spanish student work visa, you will be legally allowed to work up to 20 hours a week in Spain for a period of up to 12 months.

This makes Spain’s Study Visa ideal for TEFL graduates interested in working as English teachers in Barcelona.

Contact us now to begin your application or read on for more information on how to apply for your Student Visa in Spain.

Who Needs to Apply for a Student Visa
to Study and Work in Spain?

Americans and other non-EU citizens are only allowed to stay in Spain on a tourist Visa for a maximum of 90 days (3 months). This is sufficient time to take our one-month TEFL course in Barcelona and qualify to teach English.

However, if you are an American or non-EU citizen and would like to live and work legally in Spain as an English teacher, you will need to apply for the Spanish Study Visa.

How to Apply for a Spanish Student Visa and Legally Teach English
in Spain with TEFL Barcelona

Here at TEFL Barcelona, our experienced professionals will provide you with personalised guidance and training to ensure your Spanish Student Visa application runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We are passionate about helping you settle into life and work in Spain and will be here to guide and assist you before you even arrive in Barcelona, and long after you finish your teacher training.

We run a range of professional training and language courses in Barcelona that meet the requirements necessary to apply for the Spanish Student Visa work permit.

Get in touch via the contact form below and let’s get your Spanish Student Visa application under way!

plaza Catalunya_Barcelona a landmark during your tefl studies in spain

Before You Arrive in Barcelona, We Will:

  • Guide you through the process of gathering the required paperwork to apply for your Spanish Student Visa.

  • Help you choose the perfect TEFL course and talk through our Student Visa services.

  • Offer advice on securing travel/health insurance for your time in Spain.

  • Be here to answer any questions you may have about your Student Visa application and move to Spain.

We’re Here to Help You:

  • Make an appointment for you to obtain your all-important NIE, so that you can live and obtain work in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Help you obtain your “empadronamiento” and/or register with your local town hall office.

  • Guide you through the entire process of applying for your Spanish Student Visa.

  • Contact us now to enrol and let us help you get your Student Visa application underway.

Spain Student Visa Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a Student Visa in Spain you must be enrolled in an educational course (in Spain) that lasts for a minimum of 7 months.

Our Student Visa Programs in Beautiful Barcelona

All of our TEFL courses can be paired with our Spanish language courses and/or Teacher Development courses, which run for a minimum duration of 7 months and a maximum duration of 12 months. It is however possible to renew your Spanish Student Visa by enrolling on a continuation of the same program.

These courses are all 20 hours a week, which satisfies the Spanish Student Visa work permit requirements and allows you to live and work legally in Spain.

Option A: 160-hour TrinityCertTESOL Course + Teacher Development Course

  • This TEFL and Teacher Development course includes Student Visa assistance and is ideal if you would like to do your initial teacher training in Barcelona and then stay and teach here while expanding on your teaching knowledge and skills.
  • The Teacher Development course is scheduled in the mornings so that you are free to teach in the afternoons and evenings, when most English classes in Barcelona are held.
  • Fees start at 2,170 € for a 7 month package (price with early booking discount).

Option B: Teacher Development Visa Course

  • This Teacher Development program is designed for TEFL graduates who would like to develop further in their teaching skills while being allowed to stay and work legally in Barcelona.
  • Fees start at 120 € per month, although we offer a discounted rate of 1,200 € if you enrol on a 12-month course in advance.

Option A: 160-hour TrinityCertTESOL Course + Spanish Language Course

  • This TESOL and Spanish Language program is intended for those who would like to do their teacher training in Barcelona and then stay and teach here while learning Spanish.
  • Fees start at 3,250 € for a 7-month program.

Option B: Spanish Language Course

  • This Spanish courses is also available for those who just want to stay and work in Barcelona while learning Spanish.
  • The course consists of 10 hours/week in class in the mornings plus 10 hours/week of self-study time.
  • Fees start at 2100 € for a 7-month course.

190-hour TEFL Certificate Course + Spanish Language Course

  • This TEFL and Spanish Language program is ideal for those who would like to obtain their TEFL Certificate in Barcelona and then stay and teach here while learning Spanish.
  • Fees start at 3,400 € for a 7-month program.

120-hour TEFL Certificate Course + Spanish Course + Teacher Development Course

  • This TEFL, Spanish Language and Teacher Development course is the ideal program for you if you would like to earn your TEFL Certificate in Barcelona and then stay and work here while learning Spanish and developing your professional teaching skills further.
  • Fees start at 3,600 € for a 7-month package.

The Teacher Development Visa Program in Barcelona, Spain

The easiest and cheapest way to obtain a Spanish Student Visa is to enrol on one of our 1-month intensive TEFL courses to become a certified English teacher, followed by our 6-month Teacher Development course, which includes a range of industry-focused sessions.

  • Our enrolment times are flexible and you can begin any time after completing your TEFL course.

  • Our Teacher Development course is available for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months.

  • Fees start at 120 € per month, although we offer a discounted rate of 1,200 € if you enrol in a 12-month course in advance.

  • Our Teacher Development course satisfies the requirements of the Spanish Student Visa and allows you to work legally in Spain for up to 12 months.

An alternative to enrolling in the Teacher Development Visa Program is to enrol in our Spanish Language Visa Course which we proudly offer in partnership with Languages4Life in Barcelona.

You can take our Spanish lessons for up to 12 months and your Spanish Student Visa will be valid for as long as you are enrolled.


  • 7 months: 2100 €
  • 9 months: 2700 €
  • 12 months: 3420 €
  • Our Teacher Development and Spanish language courses can be extended up to a maximum of 12 months at a time. However, you can enrol in another course of up to 12 months after that if you wish.
  • Your Student Visa and work permit will only be valid for the time you are enrolled in our Teacher Development and/or Spanish language course (for up to 12 months).
  • The Spanish Student Visa allows you to acquire an NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero – Foreigner ID number), but you will need to apply for this within your first month in Spain in order to be recognised as a foreign resident. We will assist you with this.
  • Once you have an NIE you will be eligible to apply for jobs  in Barcelona and work up to 20 hours per week. Many full-time teaching contracts offer circa 20 hours of teaching/contact hours per week, making this an ideal solution for those who want to teach English in Barcelona or any other part of Spain.

To be eligible for a Student Visa work permit in Spain, the government requires the following documents:

  • A passport that’s valid for a period of at least 6 months after your planned time in Spain.
  • Spanish Student Visa application form (we will provide you with this).
  • 2 x up-to-date passport photos.
  • An official invitation from Spain (we will provide you with this after accepting you onto the course).
  • A criminal background check.
  • A medical certificate and proof of medical insurance.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay.
  • Proof of address in your home country.

Note: We will provide you with further information and guidance on this during the application process.

  • Do I need a Spanish Student Visa to study a TEFL/TESOL Certificate and qualify as an English teacher?
    No, our intensive TEFL/TESOL Certificate courses take one month and a Spanish Student Visa is not required for stays of 90 days or less.
  • How long does it typically take to process a Student Visa in Spain?
    You can expect the application process to take around 2 months.
  • Will I be able to extend my Student Visa from within Spain?
    Yes, if you have a long-term visa (7 months or more) then you will be allowed to extend it from within Spain by signing up to additional courses, such as our Teacher Development course and Spanish Language course.
  • How many hours can I legally work per week with a Spanish Student Visa?
    A Spanish Student Visa will allow you to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week in Spain.
  • Can I apply for a Spanish Student Visa once I am already in Spain?
    No, the Spanish Student Visa must be applied for and processed from your home country.
  • If I have a valid Student Visa from another school, am I able to renew it with TEFL Barcelona?
    Yes, this is no problem. We can guide you through the process.
  • How easy is it to find English teaching jobs in Barcelona?
    There are many schools in Barcelona that are always looking to hire trained professionals. At TEFL Barcelona, we provide on-going professional guidance and training to help our graduates find the best English teaching job they can.
  • How easy is it to find private classes in Barcelona?
    There is a high demand for private English teachers in Barcelona. We will guide you through the entire process of finding and teaching private English classes in Barcelona and anywhere else in Spain.
  • Can my partner and family members come with me?
    Yes, your legal spouse, registered partner, dependent children (under 18) can come with you if you have a Spanish Study Visa. They will have to apply for their Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE) within a month after arriving in Spain. They will not be allowed to work or apply for a work permit and you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have enough money to support them.

Course and Work Testimonials

Evan Scott Schweitzer (USA)

“I am still teaching. Starting this month I’ll be working 21 hours a week. It has not been easy; Barcelona is a tough market nowadays.

You really have to make looking for jobs your full time job, especially if you want to do mostly private lessons.

You have to network and use those relationships to help get more and more work. Because of the relationships I’ve made, I’ve been able to get steady work teaching in-business courses in Sant Cugat. Most of my classes are conversational, which is my preferred type of class.

Take what you learn in your TEFL course and make it work for you. Adapt it to your strengths and it makes the whole process of planning lessons much easier.

Join the Barcelona TEFL Teachers Association. It’s really been an invaluable resource and support system”. 

Anna Preston (USA)

“I never thought that I would be an English teacher but joining TEFL was the best decision that I’ve made so far.

I have been living in Barcelona for 5 months now and I am completely in love with this city!

I joined the September course and was worried that by October every academy would be full and no one would be hiring but I was wrong. Even before I graduated from the program I got hired at The American School of Barcelona and found 8 private students! I have Fridays-Sundays off so I get to travel all over Europe with friends that I made in the TEFL program.

Teaching can be a challenge but every day I’m learning and growing and I’m so happy I was able to learn so much from this course!”. 

Terek Hopkins, (USA)

I started looking into teaching abroad in the countries that I thought I might be interested in exploring.

Teaching English as a foreign language started to look like a pretty feasible way to kill two birds with one stone (getting a job that allowed me to make money AND travel).

Barcelona Spain almost immediately grabbed my attention, and so I came and got my TEFL certificate from an institution that more than prepared me to do exactly what it promised. And I haven’t looked back since moving to Barcelona and getting my TEFL certificate from TEFL Barcelona nearly seven months ago.

I now teach at a Language Academy for 8 hours a week and then have about 5 hours a week of private classes on the side. I mostly teach adults who are at an intermediate to upper-intermediate level of English. I don’t make enough money to be rich but that’s not why I came to live in Spain.

I do, however, make enough money to rent my own apartment down near the beach in the neighborhood of Barceloneta. I’m roughly 20 meters from the Mediterranean Sea. I travel via bus or cheap airfare just about every other weekend to one awesome place after another.

On top of traveling I also get the opportunity to go out whenever I want and experience the amazing nightlife and different festivities the city has to offer.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move to Barcelona and get my TEFL certificate. Teaching English is a surprisingly practical skill in the sense that it teaches you a lot of non-teacher related talents and also in the sense that since English is a language that people all over the globe want to learn, teaching it becomes rather priceless”. 

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