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A Brief History of TEFL Barcelona

TEFL Barcelona was set up in December 2005 by Spanish-born EFL teacher and teacher trainer Erwin Ebens.

Erwin had been teaching a very popular TEFL course in Paris and decided that the characteristics of that course – a personal approach to teacher training paired with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere – could function equally well in his home city of Barcelona.

TEFL Barcelona became an instant hit, quickly establishing itself as one of the best places in Europe for international teacher trainees to obtain globally-recognised TEFL qualifications.

Our Approach to TEFL Teacher Training

True to our principles, we aim to offer a refreshing alternative to the “industrial” feel of larger TEFL operators. We make every effort to ensure our teacher trainees receive quality, personalised training by keep group sizes small and fostering an upbeat learning environment.

We encourage our teacher trainees to develop their own natural teaching style, providing them with ongoing international job guidance and support on applying for the all-important Spanish Student Visa work permit.

See what past TEFL Barcelona graduates have said about their time with us here.

Our Teacher Training Philosophy

TEFL Barcelona ~ Teacher Training the Mediterranean Way

The Importance of Experiential Learning

We may give you information, guidance and support during your TEFL teacher training course in Barcelona, but we believe that you will learn most by getting hands on and teaching yourself.

At the core of any learning process, there is an experiential cycle of trying new things out, reflecting on the results, and using feedback and information to prepare for the next time and then trying it out again.

We draw on this to guide our approach to teaching English to students and also to our teacher training classes in general. This is why we have scheduled daily teaching practice sessions, so you can immediately put the theory into practice.

TEFL/TESOL Teacher Training in Barcelona with Job Placement Support and

Support and Guidance

At TEFL Barcelona, our input sessions are structured less like lectures and more like interactive workshops. Our teacher trainees are encouraged to actively participate and, where possible, to discover language and methodology for themselves.

Through interacting with your fellow teacher trainees and teacher trainer, who will be at hand as a resource and mentor, you will be able to develop, discuss and hone new teaching skills and also offer support yourself.

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Go to our intensive TEFL courses page for a more detailed breakdown of our various TEFL teacher training courses in Barcelona.

TEFL courses in Barcelona for people without a teaching degree or teaching experience.

A Reflective Approach

During your teaching training in Barcelona, we will encourage you to develop analytical skills toward your English teaching and reflect on the outcomes of your lessons. This will help you hone your lesson planning, teaching techniques, people skills and class management.

A Humanist Approach

Moreover, we believe in a humanistic approach to learning and teaching (i.e. teaching the whole person as opposed to solely their mental processes). This implies that not only knowledge of subject matter and methodology are important, but also learning to listen to your students and empathize with them so as to build rapport and develop personalised learning strategies.

Course and Work Testimonials

Siobhan Hayes (USA/ Ireland)

I have now been living in Barcelona for over six months. My original plan was to stay for six months and then go back home. I was able to find so much work that now I’m staying.

I took the course in January so thought I might have difficulty finding work as the Spring semester had already begun. I was wrong. There is such a high demand for English teachers here.

I work for five different academies around the city. I mostly teach adults in businesses. I also have a couple private lessons with young children too. I teach classes of all levels from elementary to proficiency.

I really enjoy teaching in businesses because they have a strong desire to learn as they need English for work. The pay is more than enough to live comfortably and travel.

I’ve already visited many places around Europe and I even went to Africa! I have weekends off so I have plenty of time to travel around Europe or take weekend trips around Spain. This experience has been life changing. I know when I return to the United States the experience I have gained here will be immensely helpful in my future”. 

Fernando Galvao, (Brazil)

“It has been five months since I graduated from my TEFL course at TEFL International Barcelona. I have to say that it was the best investment of my career. The support staff and my exposure to language teaching skills along with real students were amazingly done. We were taught to put ourselves out there, build our names and I sure did.

My very first month of teaching was impressive. I had sent out about 40 CVs and, in no later than a week, 5 days precisely, I was hired. I was doing the thing I love the most: teaching!

Being able to work as an English teacher in Barcelona, not only has it been a fulfilling pleasure, but also a way of making money to live my life its fullest in Europe. I’ve been going to extraordinary places, meeting all sorts of people everywhere. A check on the bucket list proudly done!”. 

Lisandra Bayliss, (USA/ Spain)

“I am now working for STP Training, in Viladecans, I work 22hrs a week, pay is 15hr and 18hr for business classes. I have 2 groups of children 4, 2 groups of upper intermediate, 1 FCE student, 3 speaking one on one and 2 business speaking classes.

This company offers yearly contracts and I do have benefits- like paid holiday if you have your paperwork. It is a wonderful company and they have great clients, my business classes are with employees from Pepsico and I have worked with Undesa and Bacardi. I work Monday-Thursday in the afternoons, I have classes in the academy as well as inside the business.

The people I work with are great and they have every resource available for us teachers. Also my students are amazing from the little ones to the business ones, they are all dedicated enthusiastic and eager to learn.

I am incredibly thankful for the lessons learned during my course at TEFL and would – and often do- recommend the course to friends and family. Warm Regards”. 

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