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Accommodation in Barcelona

Having a comfortable place to stay within easy reach of the school is essential during the course, so to ensure all trainees have suitable housing we provide a variety of accommodation options:

Shared flat

Sharing a flat with other trainee teachers or students is a great way to start life in Barcelona. You have the freedom to cook what and when you like, your own room and somewhere quiet to work and relax. All flats include a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, bedrooms furnished with a single or double bed, wardrobe, chair and desk, and WiFi. Blankets and sheets are provided, though not bath towels. All flats are within a 30-minute journey to the school (either walking or by metro or bus) and cost 500 euros per month (including bills and agent’s fees ).


Hostels offer comfortable accommodation in the heart of the city and will put you in touch with students and travellers from all over the world. You can choose either a shared or private room, and most hostels include a free breakfast and access to facilities such as free internet access, self-catering area, bar and lounge with satellite TV. Many organise tours and activities for guests in and around Barcelona, an excellent way to get acquainted with your new surroundings. A shared room starts at around 450 euros a month, while your own room will cost from 600 euros a month.

If you would like us to organise a flat or hostel for you during your course, please tick the appropriate box on our application form.


Our accommodation is available from 14:00 pm on the Saturday before the first day of the course to the Saturday after the last day of the course.

Extending your Accommodation

We can often allow trainees to move into the accommodation a few days early, or stay a few days after, so if you would like to know if you can arrive early or leave late please ask before you make any travel plans and we will confirm availability.

Arranging accommodation yourself

Trainees are welcome to arrange accommodation themselves and there are many agencies and websites devoted to this service.
Please contact us directly for an up-to-date accommodation list, or if you have any other questions.



Do you have any questions about accommodation during your TEFL training course? Drop us a line through the form below!

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