I sip at my British tea with Cataluñian milk and try not to think about how tired I am.

This afternoon was my Materials Project, the final class out of six. It went well they say, but I cannot help to feel it could be better, aware of the errors and keen to continue the climb.

I lift up my head, shoulders back and think of the revision to do. The day after tomorrow is the final countdown exam AHHHHHH EXAMMMMMMM!!!!! I see Lisa in front of me, her blue scarf slightly slipping down her left side; she smiles and continues writing on the board until we understand. She reassures me that everything will be alright. We will not fail, they will not allow us to fail, they believe in us,that is obvious to see.

mondayweek4imageVerbs and tenses and conjunctions and gerunds and all those other folk walk in and around my mind, I shake them around until they are in a fashion I recognise while Erwins` soothing voice calms me right down.

I can hear my house lady, the one organised through Lime; I sit in my room that is my space to hide but knowing that if I open the door she will be right by side. I have heard of other experiences not through Lime, unnecessary stress at this valuable time; I am pleased that my sailing has been calm the whole time.

My thoughts turn to the passive and see Jamie right there, his neatly trimmed beard and checked shirted regularity reminding me of structures and clarity.

I procrastinate a moment and check into the virtual world, now interview offers mix with tense times.

I take to the balcony looking out at the view, a city so grand a city for me so new. I breathe in and out again a few times, a new ritual before giving classes that’s helped me get through.

Look at where I am now, where I wasn`t before, filled to the seams with new knowledge and also new friends.

From this city I have so much to learn but now, also so much to teach. I breathe in and breathe out, a new favourite of mine and know that everything will be fine…

By Anna Elizabeth Davis – Barcelona, Spain – 02022015