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I teach online for GoGoKid and VIPKid, which are both based in Beijing, China.

Working Hours for Online English Teachers in Vietnam/China

If you are living in Da Nang, Vietnam, you will be 1-hour behind Beijing, China. Therefore, the peak online English teaching hours are 5:30-7:30 pm local time (6:30-8:30 pm Beijing time).

I typically open my schedule about 1-2 weeks in advance which gives me plenty of time to decide if and when I want to take days off. 

Cost of Living for English Teachers Living in Vietnam

Housing is fairly easy to find in Da Nang. My friend and I found our first 2-bedroom apartment on Airbnb for about $590 USD/month.

We found our second apartment on a Facebook group called “Apartment, house for rent in Da Nang” for about $600 USD/month. I highly recommend the My An area, which is located along My Khe beach. There are a lot of expats living in this area and it’s easy to find affordable apartments to rent.

Eating out in Da Nang can cost anywhere between 20,000 VND / about .86 USD to 150,000 VND / about $6.50 USD. You can save a lot of money on food if you stick to the local cafes and restaurants. Keep reading on for my top food recommendations in Da Nang. 

Transportation is very reliable and affordable in Da Nang. I highly recommend you download the Grab app, which is basically Southeast Asia’s version of Uber. You can order a car or motorbike taxi through the app and the prices are generally better than the taxis on the streets. Grab rides can cost anywhere between 20,000 VND to 70,000 VND / about .86 USD – $3 USD depending on how far you’re going and what type of vehicle you request. The motorbike taxi will always cost less than a car. 

Sites to See in Vietnam

Lady Buddha is the tallest Buddha statue in all of Vietnam! Lady Buddha is located inside the Linh Ung pagoda courtyard. The statue is situated on top of a lotus-shaped temple that you may enter. You can also visit the Ling Ung pagoda (or Buddhist Temple) located beside Lady Buddha. 

Hoi An Ancient Town is a must-see when you’re in Da Nang. You can see most of Hoi An in a day or you can make a weekend trip out of it. The most affordable way to get between Da Nang and Hoi An is the local bus. It will take about 45-60 minutes and cost about 30,000 VND. 

My Khe Beach is considered to be the most picturesque beach in the world. Its low tide, warm waters, and smooth sand make it one of the most visited beaches. Fun fact, Forbes once listed it as one of the “World’s Most Luxurious Beaches.”

Dragon Bridge located on the Han River is the longest bridge in Vietnam. The bridge is a stunning sight to see day or not. At night, the bridge is illuminated with color-changing LED lights. You can watch the dragon breathe fire and spit water on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 9 pm.

Son Tra Night Market is located right next to Dragon Bridge. After watching the fire show at Dragon Bridge, walk over to the Son Tra night market for some awesome local food and merchants selling all types of souvenirs, clothes, accessories, and electronics. 

Golden Bridge is a huge tourist attraction in Da Nang, located in the Ba Na Hills resort. The bridge was built pretty recently, but it’s quickly become a very popular site in Da Nang. To get to Golden Bridge, you need to purchase a ticket for the Ba Na Hills cable car which takes you up to the bridge. Tickets cost about 750,000 VND / $33 USD. 

Vietnam Food Recommendations

For the best pho in town, go to Pho Ha Noi Noodle Shop (Price: 30,000 VND / about $1.30 USD) 

For the best banh mi in town, try Sun’s Banh Mi (Price: 25,000 VND / about $1 USD)

If you’re vegan, check out Loving Vegan (Average price: 35,000 VND / about $1.50 USD)

If you like Indian food, you must try Family Indian Restaurant (Average price 100,000 VND / about $4.30 USD) 

If you want a good burger, head to Valhalla Grill (Average Price 50,000 VND / about $2 USD)

Cafes with Wifi in Da Nang

H Coffee is a great cafe to get work done or just stop by for a coffee break. They also have a small food menu. I recommend their coconut coffee, ginger tea, and banh mi. 

Hideout Cafe is one of my favorite cafes in Da Nang. You will run into a lot of other expats and digital nomads here. Their prices are a little bit higher, but the coffee and atmosphere are excellent. I recommend their turmeric latte and vegetable omelette. 

Space A coworking space is ideal if you need a temporary workspace with a reliable internet connection. You can use the shared space on their top floor to conduct your lessons. You may stay for up to 3 hours for about 70,000 VND / about $3 USD). The price also includes one drink. 

Tet Holiday | Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Tet Holiday (or Vietnamese New Year) is the most important holiday in Vietnam. During Tet, locals gather with family and friends at home to enjoy traditional Vietnamese food and discuss the events of the past year.

They also exchange gifts and red envelopes containing “lucky money” which symbolize good wishes and luck for the new year. I was fortunate enough to be invited to my friend’s home for Tet and take part in the holiday traditions with her and her family.

Additional Things to Know About Teaching Online in Vietnam

  • If you need to rent a bicycle or motorbike, go to Mango Bike Rental
  • If you want to join a gym, check out My An Sports Center 
  • If you’re looking for in-person teaching jobs in Da Nang, check out the “Da Nang Teaching Job” Facebook group

For more information, please feel free to check out my blog, and/or my Instagram @sea_jcub. 

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Good luck and happy teaching!