This past year (how time flies) has been an absolute whirlwind of learning, self-discovery and adventure. After leaving An English Teacher's Tale of Adventure in Barcelonauniversity and entering into the working world of office jobs, paperwork and Excel Spreadsheets, my general concept of the excitement of life was somewhat dampened.

Still, I stuck it out, learnt a great deal (not least that it was definitely not the time in my life for a bog-standard, 9 to 5, repetitive office job), and then began to daydream of a way out of what seemed like endless monotony…

Enter TEFL International Barcelona. A friend of mine had studied there and had highly recommended the course and so, without giving myself much time to think, I booked my flights for May and off I went. The rest, as they say, is history.

An English Teacher's Tale of Adventure in Barcelona by Leah Goldkorn

Fast-forward 10 months and here I am, living, working and loving life in Barcelona (and finding time to study Spanish in between). I have been working for a language academy in Viladecans, just outside Barcelona, since September, and the experience has been exhilarating.

I have been teaching students of all ages – think hyperactive 7-year-olds with impressively sponge-like brains, lively (and ever so occasionally moody) teenagers, and adults wise with age and experience – as well as all levels. No two days in the classroom are the same. I am constantly learning new things, tweaking my techniques and improving as a teacher. It is an intensely gratifying feeling to be able to see the progress your students are making week by week.

An English Teacher's Tale of Adventure in Barcelona by Leah GoldkornI can honestly say that becoming a TEFL teacher was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyday presents itself with a new set of challenges and, although it’s not always an easy ride, I’m constantly looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring.

Did somebody mention Excel Spreadsheets?

By Leah Goldkorn